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Comparing ProdataKey vs. Verkada Access Control Systems

 PDK vs. Verkada with access control products

In today’s increasingly security-conscious environment, choosing the right access control system and overall technology infrastructure for your organization is crucial. Over the last decade, direct-to-cloud solutions have been transforming the industry—two popular options are ProdataKey (PDK) and Verkada, both of which offer sophisticated solutions for managing and securing entry points. Choosing the ideal solution isn’t always clear, with the market being more competitive than ever. This article compares these two platforms to help you make an informed decision.

PDK vs. Verkada


ProdataKey (PDK) is a pioneer in cloud-based access control solutions designed to be user-friendly, scalable, and highly secure. The platform emphasizes a total mobile-first approach, meaning everything from device configuration, everyday activities, and system management can all be done conveniently from the ProdataKey mobile app or web browser. PDK offers diverse hardware options, including door controllers and readers, that integrate with PDK’s robust cloud software platform.


Founded in 2016, Verkada started as a cloud video security company but has since expanded its offerings to include access control, intercom, alarms, air quality, and workplace solutions. Verkada takes on a software-first approach, seamlessly integrating its access control platform and broader product line to deliver a unified security ecosystem. Verkada’s various systems are all centrally managed under its cloud management platform, Command, available through the web or mobile app.


Integration of multiple platforms, like access control, video surveillance, and smart automation, are critical to creating a cohesive technology environment and maximizing each individual’s capabilities. ProdataKey and Verkada take on two very different approaches when it comes to integrations. Verkada offers a range of security products that seamlessly integrate and are natively managed within Verkada Command. The centralized management that Verkada offers within its own product line is excellent for operational efficiency; however, it may be difficult or impossible to integrate with other 3rd-party systems.

PDKio Open API with VMS

From an engineering and product development perspective, PDK is focused on making one exceptional product: cloud-based access control. PDK doesn’t have its own VMS or intrusion alarm system. It has something better: an Open API and Mobile SDK backed by a high-level integrations team. This means that PDK has the flexibility to integrate with virtually any 3rd-party system, which can prove essential if an end-user already has an existing system or has a specific provider in mind.

Moreover, PDK currently has a growing list of ready-to-go integrations with industry-leading video management systems, including Hanwha, Turing, Digital Watchdog, and SpotAI. These integrations are readily available within’s integration marketplace and require no complicated configuration. The integrator must simply turn on the integration to link all PDK devices with their associated cameras. Users can then bookmark footage and initiate software triggers from one unified interface.


Verkada $250/year per Door

Verkada pricing is on the higher end of the market, averaging about $250/year per door. Using a Verkada access control system may also require a higher initial investment due to its integrated hardware offerings and distinct pricing model. Because Verkada has an expanded product portfolio and proprietary management platform with limited 3rd-party integrations, end-users may be locked into using and buying more of their products. If the hosting subscription goes unpaid, the functionality of the hardware may become severely limited, and switching providers may be too costly because of the upfront hardware investment.

ProdataKey generally has lower upfront costs and a straightforward pricing model. The system’s total price, including hardware, cloud hosting, and credentials, is among the lowest on the market by a wide margin. ProdataKey’s hardware is also very scalable and easy to install, making it easy for businesses and organizations to grow their access control system incrementally. PDK is of excellent value, offering robust security and management features that can handle small and medium-sized to enterprise-level projects.

Partner Support

Beyond the product itself, partner support is one of the most important aspects of choosing an access control solution. Picking a good provider could mean the difference between closing deals or losing them, growing your business, and effectively servicing your customers. From an integrator perspective, some reports have shown that Verkada may not always prioritize its dealer partners, in some instances, even circumventing them and selling directly to end-users, cutting them completely out of the deal. Verkada has also been known to negotiate heavy discounts with customers to win bids, forcing integrators to take the project even with low margins or lose the customer altogether. Company leaders have addressed these issues directly and expressed how they plan to restructure their channel organization.

For ProdataKey, its integrator partners absolutely come first. PDK never sells directly to end-users to circumvent the channel system, ensuring that dealers always own their customer contracts. Beyond that, ProdataKey empowers integrators with its partner program, offering award-winning 24/7 tech support, exclusive pricing, extended warranties, priority leads, and more. The company also provides numerous training programs, including technical certification, sales training, and live coaching sessions, designed to help their partners thrive.

Partner Fanatics

Ultimately, the choice between ProdataKey and Verkada will depend on customer-specific requirements, budget, and existing infrastructure. Both systems provide exceptional cloud-based features that offer new convenience and performance but differ in integrations, pricing, and partner support. Though choosing an access control system can seem daunting, by carefully considering your organization’s priorities, you can make an informed decision that best fits your security goals.


 PDK vs. Verkada sheet


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