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ProdataKey vs. Avigilon Alta: Here’s What We Found

 PDK vs. Avigilon Alta with cloud based access control products

Access control is critical to modern security systems. They help businesses, residences, and organizations of all kinds manage who has access to their sites and ensure that protected areas are secured. Two major players in the industry are ProdataKey (PDK) and Avigilon Alta (formerly known as OpenPath), both offering cloud-based access control solutions emphasizing mobile use. This article takes a look at both providers to explore how they stack up to help you select the best solution.

PDK vs. Avigilon Alta

System Overviews

ProdataKey, founded in 2011, is a leader in innovative hardware and software solutions built with user-friendliness and value in mind. Their systems include mobile access, many 3rd-party integrations, and various device options to meet any need. PDK focuses on providing practical, flexible solutions for applications of all sizes and fostering solid relationships with their integrator partners.

Avigilon Alta, a Motorola Solutions company, is best known for its reliable, touchless access control solutions. Their product line includes smart readers, controllers, and varying credential methods. Their access control systems are designed to complement the company’s video surveillance offerings for an end-to-end cloud security experience.

Mobile Capabilities

The ProdataKey app is meant to be a comprehensive, easy-to-use hub for all things related to the PDK system. Mobile access options are available through the app, allowing verified personnel to use remote unlocking or high-security Bluetooth credentials on any device to gain entry on most PDK readers. Administrators can use the application to manage access credentials and view activity logs anytime, anywhere, for convenient control over the system.

Configure on mobile with PDK

The system software,, is also accessible through the ProdataKey app for streamlined installations, easy configuration, and enhanced insights. Technicians can configure controllers directly from their smartphones without needing an onsite computer and server for programming. The software dashboard allows users to run reports and view the status of every controller under the account to troubleshoot systems remotely, even when temporarily offline.

Avigilon Alta offers three different options for access on their mobile app, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular, and all have been known to be highly reliable. Their readers also support an Apple Watch credential option. The Avigilon Alta app can be used to view entry activity logs and send guest remote access invites. System configurations, managing credentials, and reviewing settings must be done through the Control Center, which is only available on a web interface.

PDK Red Readers with OSDP

OSDP Functionality

OSDP is an advanced communication protocol that provides ultra-secure and standardized connectivity between readers and controllers. OSDP is supported across all of ProdataKey’s Red Series devices to enhance the system’s security by encrypting the communication between devices. PDK’s OSDP hardware is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of OSDP-compatible 3rd-party readers for high flexibility and enhanced performance.

Avigilon Alta access control readers do not support OSDP; they support their own proprietary encrypted format. While the encryption protects the data from being easily intercepted and replicated, it does not standardize manufacturer interoperability. Systems are constrained to using Avigilon hardware for high-security connectivity.

PDK PoE++ Module

Ease of Installation

ProdataKey takes ease of installation to a whole new level. PDK has a diverse product line to meet the needs of a small site to an enterprise-level operation. For systems with multiple entryways or sites, only one Cloud Node is required for streamlined configuration and management. Various controller and auxiliary device options are available to scale any size PDK system. PoE and proprietary WiMac modules can be added with plug-and-play connectivity to Red Series hardware, eliminating costly wire runs and the need for an external power supply.

Because Avigilon Alta’s access control systems are also cloud-based, installation is much simpler compared to on-premise systems. They also provide an array of scalable hardware to meet the needs of any system. Unlike PDK, the company’s controllers do not support PoE, meaning power cords must carry the electrical current, and a 120 VAC is required.

PDK's Partner Fanaticism

ProdataKey’s number one core value is partner fanaticism, meaning everything they do is centered around empowering their partner’s success. With PDK, dealers own their end-user accounts, giving them full control over pricing and how they run their business. This model fosters a stronger relationship between PDK, integrators, and end-users. On the flip side, Avigilon Alta owns customer accounts, and they have the power to move that client to another dealer at any time. The end-user pays Avigilon Alta directly, and a percentage is cut back to the dealer. Because pricing is completely determined by the manufacturer, clients typically pay more for their systems.

Partner Fanatics

The comparison of ProdataKey vs Avigilon Alta access control systems reveals their respective strengths and weaknesses. PDK, focusing on user-friendliness and versatility, offers top-notch solutions tailored for any application. Avigilon Alta’s mobile access options and diverse product lines have also made it a popular choice in the industry. It’s no mystery that when it comes to selecting an access control solution, there are lots of choices. But PDK’s constant advancement and dedication to customers has established itself as a name you can trust.


 PDK vs. Avigilon Alta sheet


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