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Enhanced System & Health Insights

PDK System & Health Insights  with PDK Cloud Node and PDKio on laptop and mobile

ProdataKey (PDK) has raised the bar once again with the introduction of 2.0. This latest release delivers dynamic new features, including multi-site readiness, early configuration, extended management, and enhanced system and health insights. The platform offers enhanced visibility into the status of PDK access control systems to empower integrators and users with the tools for easy wellness checks and efficient problem-solving.

PDKio and System & Health Insights

Partner-Driven Innovation

ProdataKey has always placed partnerships at the forefront of its mission. The release of 2.0 is a reflection of this commitment, as it has been shaped by the feedback and needs of PDK’s valued partners. The new system and health features aim to give integrators a better, more comprehensive view of systems so they can more effectively service their customers.

“This kind of system and health dashboard has been highly requested. It allows integrators to provide proactive support. They can see if there is a problem even before their customer calls them,”

Jeromy Stokes - Support Manager at PDK

System & Health Insights notification with cloud node and mobile

Enhanced System & Health Insights 2.0 offers a customizable system and health dashboard that provides a detailed status overview of every device connected to the customer account. Enhanced system and health insights are a game-changer for integrators who need to quickly view the live status of every door within a system, allowing them to troubleshoot and repair issues remotely.

The new system and health dashboard is entirely customizable and optimized to bring the devices with problems to the top, making it easy to see and respond to the highest-priority items. This feature will be crucial for systems that have multiple cloud nodes. Add filters to see only the devices of interest. Expand or collapse devices under each site or use the search bar to find specific cloud nodes or controllers.

System & Health Insights Notification with Door Prop Icon in an office

From the main dashboard, a widget provides a quick overview of the system’s current state. If any devices have issues, such as a disconnect or sync error, a warning will be displayed so that you can take immediate action. Navigate to the system and health dashboard to view every controller’s in-depth status all on one page. Additional information is available under table options, including the connection type, software version, battery, time stamp for the last full sync, and time left in continuity.

“The new dashboard allows dealers to see the IP address for every cloud node. Before, they’d have to call tech support to get that information. It gives them the option now to see the firmware on them so they know they’re up to date or not,”

Jeromy Stokes

If there is a known issue with that firmware version, it can be updated remotely and fixed right away.

Easy access to this information saves integrators time, truck rolls, and headaches. Before, you may have had to go on-site to identify an issue, but now, you can find the problem just by looking at the dashboard. Get on-site and already know what the issue is and where to start. In some cases, the issue can simply be resolved by making a quick call to the end-user without having to roll a truck.

PDKio 2.0 offers integrators and users maximized visibility into the health of their PDK access control systems. The customizable dashboard, partner-driven features, and detailed device information empower integrators to resolve issues as they arise, saving time, frustration and calls to tech support. Be sure to take advantage of all the enhanced insights now available to enjoy the full benefits of ProdataKey’s cutting-edge solutions.


PDK System & Health Insights Sheet

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