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ProdataKey’s Latest Update: 2.0

introducing New PDKio Enhancements with PDKio on laptop on stage

ProdataKey prioritizes understanding the needs of its customers and then cultivating effective products to solve the challenges they face. Cloud-based access control technologies are innovating faster than ever before, and ProdataKey (PDK) has raised the bar once again with the launch of 2.0. This latest release offers highly requested features and exciting architectural improvements to bring PDK to whole new heights.

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What Challenges does the Release Address?

PDK’s latest update aims to tackle critical pain points for businesses and integrators in the access control industry. There has been a growing need to accommodate larger customers with multiple locations. These customers typically require a unified employee database across various sites, which has posed a complex problem. Additionally, integrators had also been required to have the system online for configuration and to make changes. Lastly, partners had requested additional visibility into the health and status of a PDK system to offer better service to their customers.

PDK Supercharged: Enhancements Overview 2.0 confronts these challenges head-on, reinforcing ProdataKey’s position as a leader in mobile-first, cloud-based access control solutions. With all the new features, some integrators have expressed concern that learning the new software will require re-training for all their employees. However, this latest update maintains the same user-friendly and simplified experience that people love about PDK.

“We’ve heard from all of our beta testers that it looks like PDK. They love that. It feels like PDK. We basically have tried to model all of the new features around the core essence of PDK.”

Brad Baldwin, VP of Product at PDK

Multi-site Ready  on PDKio communicates with multiple cloud nodes

Multi-Site Ready

ProdataKey systems are now fully equipped to handle multi-site operations to seamlessly scale from a single location to multiple sites under one customer account. PDK now enables more adaptability than ever before. Brad Baldwin points out, “The reality is our system can go much bigger than people may think. We will be able to support more than just a little system. It’s really an opportunity for our partners to grow with a business.” A unified person database, groups, rules, and schedules can be assigned to multiple cloud nodes and thousands of doors, ensuring a streamlined experience for organizations with numerous locations distributed globally.

Early Configuration

Access control integrators can now begin configuring a PDK system even before connecting the cloud node to the network, delivering a further simplified and convenient installation process.

“Our integrators will be able to get started sooner and invite the customer to be participants in the configuration to import their own data before the hardware is in place,”

Brad Baldwin

Permissions, people, and groups can be assigned at any time to the system and added automatically when new hardware is installed, transforming how integrators work with PDK.

Extended management with PDKio on multiple platforms

Extended Management

Users can now add people, issue credentials, run reports, and make system changes if the system becomes temporarily disconnected from the network. Automatic syncing ensures that devices are updated with the latest changes when they are reconnected for seamless continuity. This feature empowers integrators to provide exceptional service to their end-users. With extended management, users can view a precise time-stamp for when a device was last seen and have comfort that the system will continue to provide controlled access even in a disconnected state.

PDKio features System and Health insights

System & Health Insights 2.0 delivers enhanced visibility and insight into the health of a PDK access control system for quick wellness checks and effective problem-solving. The new dashboard allows integrators and users to view the comprehensive status of every controller connected to the account and troubleshoot and repair systems remotely. The dashboard is entirely customizable and optimized to bring the devices with problems to the top, making it easy to manage and resolve system issues.

ProdataKey’s latest release has been completely driven by their partners. “First and foremost, our goal is to satisfy and make our customers love PDK. Partner fanaticism is through and through. We have worked to make this a partner-ready kind of product,” says Baldwin. 2.0 is a leap forward for cloud-centric access control, built to bring a new level of performance to PDK systems, and represents their commitment to continued innovation.


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Listen in to the conversation as we talk about the release and new features of 2.0!


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