Peripherals Devices

Available Devices

A Signal that Keeps Going

Build out a stronger wireless mesh network. Repeat the signal between WiMAC wireless door controllers where the signal may be weak. 


Wireless Signal Anywhere

Master a complex network of security with a simple box. Extend the wireless signal through the network or Internet. Control doors in multiple buildings connected to the same network or an office across the country. 


High Voltage Converter

Power up the Cloud Node or Single io in areas where high voltage power is available. The HV Converter accepts 90 - 264VAC and converts it to 12VDC at 2a. It’s perfect
for interfacing with the nearest high voltage source and eliminates the need to run a power wire to controllers.  


REX Sensor

The REX Sensor is specifically designed for indoor Request-To-Exit applications and features a passive infrared sensor with qualified motion analysis. The sensitivity of the REX Sensor can be easily adjusted for long or short range applications and features an adjustable time delay. Because of its sleek design, the REX Sensor is easily mounted to any frame, header, wall, or ceiling.


Pole Mount Kit

The Gate io is perfect for gated entrances, and openings exposed to the elements, but mounting the controller can be a challenge. This kit gives you more mounting options by allowing you to securely fasten the Gate io NEMA 4X enclosure to the nearest pole. The kit includes all mounting hardware and fasteners.

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