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Imagine a fully automated business environment that eliminates mundane tasks and even cuts down overhead costs.

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The PDK Auth API is a collection of centralized authentication and authorization endpoints for initiating and managing secure interaction with the suite of PDK APIs. Our API offers Webhooks to allow automatic communication to third-party apps. Integrate into virtually any platform or have a third-party platform control Webhooks is the future of real-time integration and is now available to all pdk io partners.

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Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK allows integration partners to conveniently integrate with ProdataKey's app so users can have all the benefits of the integration in one convenient location.


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Endless Possibilities

With our API, you can connect pdk io to other products and services, creating the perfect business solution for just about anyone.

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Security Panels

Personnel Management

Automate the alarm system to work with your access control.

Video Surveillance

Solutions to the increasingly complex needs in everyday work & personnel.


Quickly find video events of users based on their credential use.

Unlock the doors to your facility after speaking to someone.

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