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ProdataKey is Multi-Site Ready

PDK multi-site Ready cityscape with yellow network lines

ProdataKey (PDK) recently unveiled its most anticipated software release to date, 2.0. The release was built to meet the market’s evolving security needs with exciting new capabilities, including multi-site readiness, early configuration, extended management, and enhanced system and health insights. Multi-site has been among PDK’s most highly-requested features and is now fully available. Ready to seamlessly scale enterprise-level operations under one comprehensive platform.

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A Shift Toward Enterprise

The release of 2.0 marks a game-changing shift for the company by becoming fully multi-site ready. Systems can scale effortlessly from a single location to multiple sites under a single account to support organizations that need to share a common user database across various facilities. Access management is efficient, consistent, and flexible at every level.

The update empowers integrators to use PDK for customers of all sizes and applications, whether for retail locations, campuses, and more.

“It’s really an opportunity for our partners to grow with a business. It would be easy for a dealer to extend one customer to add multiple locations as their needs expand,”

Brad Baldwin - VP of Product at PDK

unmatched scalability with many doors connected to one PDKio account

Key Enhancements

A unified People database, Groups, Rules, Schedules, and more can be assigned to one or up to 100+ cloud nodes (locations) and thousands of doors for unmatched scalability. Previously, an individual user credential had to be created for each separate cloud node, posing a significant hassle for customers with multiple sites. The release pushes all configurations to a higher level in the cloud, allowing them to be shared across all locations within a system.

Site location is completely unrestricted with PDK. Facilities can be spread anywhere globally because the cloud nodes do not need to be connected to the same network. The system supports multiple time zones, using the local time of each site for schedules. Auto-open schedules and end-of-the-day lockups happen seamlessly over locations.

PDK, but Better.

While the update has major new features, ProdataKey’s engineers built it to maintain the same user-friendly and intuitive design at the heart of the platform. The core ease of use is the same; previous experience and training are entirely transferable.

PDKio software on devices

Each additional site or cloud node is configured within the platform’s configuration screen. The discovery of controllers and defining connections works the same way as previous software. Managing access permissions for individual users or groups uses a simple selector that organizes all doors by location for streamlined system administration.

This release addresses the challenges of multi-site operations and presents an opportunity for partners to grow alongside their clients’ businesses. 2.0 delivers enterprise-level features to ProdataKey solutions for a robust yet simplified user experience.


PDK Multi-site Ready Sheet


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