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PDK Extended Management with PDK Cloud Node and PDKio on laptop and mobile

ProdataKey (PDK) has advanced its capabilities to the next level with the launch of its most anticipated software release, 2.0. The release unveils transformative new features, including multi-site readiness, enhanced system and health insights, early configuration, and extended management. The extended management feature breaks down previous limitations, giving integrators and customers new power to manage their PDK systems regardless of the hardware connection state.

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New Functionality, Same PDK 2.0 elevates the brain of PDK systems to a higher level, taking all system information out of the Cloud Node and putting it into the cloud itself. Previously, daily functions such as adding new users or running reports could only be performed when the system was connected. For example, administrators could not complete specific actions if a Cloud Node went offline due to a network outage.

 add people, issue credentials, and run reports even if the system is temporarily disconnected

PDK engineers have confronted these challenges head-on, transforming how integrators and site administrators interact with their systems. 2.0 extends management, allowing you to make changes, add people, issue credentials, and run reports even if the system is temporarily disconnected. When the system returns online, all changes are automatically re-synced for seamless continuity. This functionality ensures that users can always access the software; PDK systems never skip a beat, even during network disruptions.

Though the release offers new functionality, the platform maintains the same usability that people enjoy with ProdataKey.

“The user feedback we get is that it’s simple and straightforward. It just makes a lot of sense. Most things look the same way. There are a couple of key differences that go in line with the added functionality, but beyond that, the day-to-day management’s going to be nearly identical,”

Chase Rowberry, Technical Support Team Lead at PDK

inport people with CSV while disconnected

Extended Management 2.0 has many useful features designed to upgrade the installation and management experience with PDK systems. Network outages happen; any integrator knows this well. But internet issues shouldn’t disrupt access to your system. With extended management, integrators and admins can access the software anytime to make system changes. Add users, manage permissions, and assign people or groups to doors across locations, no matter the connection state. Once the connection is restored, the software will sync automatically with the latest changes. These changes are updated securely, avoiding the vulnerabilities typically associated with disconnections.

With the extended management feature, integrators can deliver better customer service, allowing them to create, edit, and run reports whenever needed. Access to reports while a Cloud Node is disconnected, is beneficial for troubleshooting, providing valuable insight into system activity leading up to the loss of connection.

“It can give us a snapshot of what happened before going offline. So, we can tell if the system was functioning normally before it dropped, which could indicate a network issue. Or if we start seeing voltage feedback or overcurrent spikes, it indicates that maybe it was a power event that may have fried something,”

Chase Rowberry

Extended management empowers integrators to be proactive and to resolve outages as quickly as possible.

Controller continuity goes hand in hand with extended management. Controller continuity, available on all PDK Red-series controllers, allows a local version of the Person database, rules, and schedule to be stored on the controller when disconnected from the Cloud Node. If a network disruption occurs, the controller will still be functional, controlling access for a temporary period while the issue is resolved, up to 14 days. Access across the system won’t be disrupted. and Extended Management

The release of 2.0 marks a significant upgrade for ProdataKey’s capabilities. The innovative approach taken by PDK engineers not only advances day-to-day management but also addresses the challenges posed by network issues. With extended management, integrators and admin have the power to manage their systems seamlessly, delivering better performance to their customers. ProdataKey’s priority is to empower its partners; this release is an ideal example of that commitment.


PDK Extended Management Sheet


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