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Explore Early Configuration with 2.0

PDK Early Configuration with PDK Cloud Node and PDKio on laptop and mobile

The launch of 2.0 marks a significant milestone for ProdataKey (PDK). The latest update not only enforces PDK’s position as a leading innovator in mobile-first, cloud-based solutions but also introduces early configuration, one of many game-changing features. Early configuration transforms the approach to access control installations, giving integrators new flexibility to set up systems before they step on-site.

PDKio and Early Configuration

Partner-Driven Innovation

Partner fanaticism is at the core of ProdataKey’s company values. This means that everything they do is centered around ensuring their partners thrive. The release of 2.0 is the embodiment of this idea, as it aims to solve the most significant challenges partners face. The early configuration feature empowers integrators to start configuring systems before installing hardware, giving them a new ability to customize their workflow and better serve their customers.

Partner Fanatics

“It’s been eye-opening for me here. I’ve never worked for a company that quite listens to their partners like PDK does,” said Dallan Labrum, Executive VP of Sales, ProdataKey.

While the launch of 2.0 introduces dynamic new features, the platform maintains the same ease of use that sets the company apart from its competitors.

“This still feels like PDK, and that's what we wanted. We didn't want to lose that unique, easy feel of the app. We're a mobile-first access control company, and when you go into 2.0, it feels the same, but it’s better.”

Dallan Labrum - Executive VP of Sales at PDK

Early Configuration

Dealers have the flexibility to use the software and set up a customer account without connected hardware. This new power enables them to initiate the configuration process at the earliest stages of a project, saving time on-site and streamlining installations. Integrators can now add users, issue credentials, and assign people or groups to doors across locations without purchasing equipment. They can even add placeholder for cloud nodes before getting on-site.

“We're trying to make programming a system easier and more convenient for our partners. We don’t want them to have products shipped to them before they start their ideas,” said Labrum.

Streamline Installation with 2.0 allows integrators to create people and groups without breaking a sweat. Adding users can be achieved by importing a CSV file or integrating with Microsoft Entra ID or other custom integrations made possible by PDK’s Open API. The default system settings are conveniently managed in a centralized location in the software to save time. The settings are automatically applied once the new hardware is in place, ensuring a seamless installation.

Having the power to start configuring a system before connecting hardware presents a unique sales and customer service advantage.

“The pre-programming is one of the main benefits between our partners and their customers. They can create the finality of that sale, of the partnership, earlier on than they could have before,”

Dallan Labrum

Customers can begin getting familiar with the software within hours of closing the sale, whereas before, there would have been some downtime between then and the installation.

Early configuration available on 2.0 delivers new flexibility and efficiency for access control integrators. The power to step on site and have all system configurations already in place enables faster and more collaborative installations, saving time for the integrator and promoting a better customer experience overall. This launch reflects ProdataKey’s commitment to empowering its partners through intuitive, secure solutions.


PDK Early Configuration Sheet


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