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ProdataKey vs. Brivo: Why PDK Stands Out

PDK vs Brivo with cloud based access control products

When it comes to selecting an access control system, it's no secret that the field is crowded. ProdataKey (PDK) and Brivo are two industry leaders offering cloud-based solutions that provide security and convenience for organizations of all sizes. This article will explore both companies under a microscope to discover how ProdataKey stands out in the most critical areas for partners.

PDK vs Brivo

Who is Brivo?

Founded in 1999, Brivo is a well-established player in the access control industry, providing a range of cloud-based solutions for businesses and multifamily residential properties. They offer a selection of hardware products, including readers and control panels all designed to provide insight and enhance facility security. Brivo's open API supports integrations with several smart locks, home automation devices, video surveillance, and other 3rd party systems to streamline processes.

Pricing: PDK's Emphasis on Value

Access control is a significant investment, so pricing is one of the most important considerations when selecting a system. ProdataKey has distinguished itself by offering a budget-friendly solution that drives value for partners and end-users. Both PDK and Brivo deliver systems with advanced features, varying credentials, and integration options. Still, in some ways, ProdataKey's pricing model can be easier to understand and, even more importantly, sell. The structure is straightforward, without hidden fees or surprise costs. This transparency allows businesses to plan and budget effectively to deliver systems to meet every need.

PDK and Brivo have the same device count breakdown, but Brivo charges based on the combined price across different device ranges, while PDK only bills within the scope of the site's category. Brivo’s base prices are more cost-effective than other competitors, but the billing increases dramatically for essential features.

unlimited credentials with multiple phones

ProdataKey's approach to pricing allows organizations to scale their systems without breaking the bank. They offer flexible options to start a system minimally with the ability to expand later to adapt to any budget. Unlimited mobile credentials are available on every PDK system to scale any size organization at no extra cost. Their innovative hardware solutions are well-priced and primarily focus on user-friendliness and reliability. Managing costs effectively without compromising quality is paramount to PDK, empowering customers to maximize their investment.

Software Capabilities: PDK's Powerful, Intuitive Platform

ProdataKey's cloud-based, mobile-first software is at the core of its access control solution and stands out in terms of functionality and ease of use. PDK built its platform with integrators and end-users at the forefront, delivering an intuitive interface that simplifies the installation and management of the system. PDK is a mobile-first solution for the user at every level, with capabilities anytime, anywhere, on any device.

user-friendly software with prodatakey app

Like PDK, Brivo uses the cloud for system monitoring and administration. Brivo's solution is based on its cloud management system, OnAir, but requires users to log into an online browser to access some features rather than their Mobile Pass app. The ProdataKey app and can add users, view system events, and more. Both are comprehensive for users and administrators. Again and again, end-users commend PDK for its sleek, convenient, simple-to-use platform, making system management intuitive even for inexperienced users.

Ease of Installation with PDK

ProdataKey’s products are known for their user-friendliness, adaptability, and ease of installation, making it a preferred choice for integrators. PDK provides a wide variety of hardware solutions, including cloud nodes, controllers, readers, auxiliary devices, and peripherals- all engineered with advanced features but with simplicity kept in mind.

When compared to Brivo, PDK’s installation process is often perceived as more efficient and intuitive. Features like automatic controller discovery, plug-and-play connectivity, and modular design make PDK systems incredibly straightforward to install and customize to meet customer’s needs. With cloud capabilities, technicians can configure controllers right from the ProdataKey app, eliminating the need for an onsite computer and server.

Partner Fanaticism: ProdataKey's Dedication to Their Partners

PDK understands its success is not solely attributed to its cutting-edge technology but also to the strong relationships they have built with its partners. PDK takes passion and partnership to the next level, embodied by the company's #1 core value: Partner Fanaticism. The PDK team ensures their partners are well-supported and equipped for success at every step.

Partner Fanatics

So when it comes to ProdataKey vs Brivo, which is the best option for you? While Brivo also works with security installers, PDK's dedication is unrivaled. The partner culture at ProdataKey goes the extra mile in benefits for integrators. PDK-certified partners and above can access 24/7 award-winning support, extended warranties, advanced RMAs, and exclusive tiered IO pricing. Integrators need to complete the technical and sales training program to become PDK-certified; there's no installation requirement. Partners become experts in the product, ultimately translating into more sales and better service and support for end-users.

With the competitive nature of the access control field, the clear choice can be blurred when selecting a system. ProdataKey is an outstanding solution, unwavering in its commitment to reliability and innovative products. The company's trust and transparency, coupled with its advanced solutions, establish itself as a leader in the industry.


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