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How to Get Started with Access Control

How to get started with a Red cloud Node, Red Reader and a smartphone with the ProdataKey app

Access control is a massively important aspect of security for any business, facility, and organization because systems offer secure, convenient access to approved personnel while restricting access to unauthorized users. It protects lives, property and sensitive information while enabling administrators to manage, monitor and trace access.

Because of its fast-paced growth, versatility of applications, and scalability, offering access control as an integrator can be a huge opportunity to add value to your business. So how do you get started with access control?

mobile credentials key fob wristband and access cards

There are a few basic aspects of an access control system: the user-facing side, the administrator-facing side, and the infrastructure. On the user-side, when given permission by the building administrator, they are issued a credential that can come in the form of an access card, wristband, key fob, or the most convenient option- a mobile credential. When a user presents their credential to a reader or keypad under approved conditions, the door will unlock. Unlike traditional mechanical keys, visitors are welcomed and granted access with ease, delivering the ultimate user experience.

The admin-facing side of an access control system involves access management, integrations, and user-dashboards. The PDK mobile interface allows administrators to monitor and control access directly from their mobile device. Even off-site, building managers can unlock and lock doors, issue new credentials, and prompt other soft-trigger events, anytime, anywhere.

Cloud based icon

The infrastructure for cloud-based access control systems is much more streamlined and makes installations simplified compared to traditional systems. Cloud-based systems require less low-voltage cabling and eliminate the need for an access control server computer because systems can be configured directly from a mobile device.

“Access control has its place in every vertical market,”

Corey Cleghorn, owner of Proguard Technologies.

Hundreds of businesses in a huge variety of industries are turning to access control to manage their facilities. Before diving into access control, it's important for an integrator to identify the specific needs of your client. The size of the facility, number of access points, and potential for growth all need to be evaluated before setting up a system. From there, as an integrator, “we went to enlighten them (the client) to see how we can take it above and beyond just controlling access. We can start building on the value and benefits of the system,” says Cleghorn.

diagram showing client needs

Because of its cloud-based capabilities, ProdataKey access control systems can be seamlessly integrated with video monitoring/surveillance, HR and business automation, and other building management systems.

“I think the future of access control is in its ability to integrate with existing systems that businesses already use.”

Corey Cleghorn

With the additional benefits and features that integrations provide, operational systems for business are comprehensive and can be managed effortlessly.

Red Cloud node with red readers

Access control systems can be designed to be extremely-cost effective for small businesses. Integrators can come in with as little as a 1-door controller, strike, and a reasonable Bluetooth reader to get a door secured, making an access control system a very real possibility even on a limited budget. Even better, the cloud means that systems update automatically as soon as they become available, reducing the need for expensive service and maintenance calls.

So, How do you Become a PDK Partner?

At PDK, we are dedicated to supporting our partners and ensuring their success, because we understand that when you succeed, we succeed. Becoming a PDK partner means that you are our number one priority, and we are with you every step of the way.

diagram showing certified partner benefits

For certified partners, we offer 24/7 customer support, extended warranties, and project pricing that can get you exclusive discounts and offers. To get you started, we offer three online training courses that are designed to be completed at your own pace at your most convenience. These courses provide everything you need to know to install your first system!- the ins and outs of access control, sales and product knowledge, and the technical skills necessary to successfully install and configure a PDK system. We also provide lots of ongoing resources that can keep you up to date with all of our latest offerings to provide the best solutions to your clients.

Request a account on our website, and get started installing access control today!


How to Get Started with Access Control pdf


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