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Future-Ready Communities: PDK + Smart Apartment Software

PDK + Smart Apartment in front of a modern apartment

Managing multi-dwelling units efficiently while elevating the resident experience is essential to attracting prospective tenants and keeping them. Properties are rapidly replacing traditional methods of resident management with imaginative solutions that integrate multiple intelligent technologies. ProdataKey (PDK) cloud access collaborates seamlessly with an exceptional lineup of smart apartment software to deliver future-ready solutions for property managers and residents alike.

Smart and Secure Communities

PDK access control systems are essential to the technology infrastructure of multi-family residences, student housing, or any other multi-dwelling community. With PDK, properties can secure and remotely manage access to buildings, amenity spaces, and units. Through PDK’s intuitive mobile app, web browser, or integrated interface, managers can issue and revoke access credentials, review activity logs, and set up real-time alerts in a breeze.

It’s critical for properties to invest in both ProdataKey and smart apartment software to maximize the benefits of each platform. PDK delivers unmatched security for communities with advanced hardware solutions, including OSDP-compatible readers and controllers, a cloud-powered central hub, PoE++ connectivity, and proprietary Wimac add-ons. Combined with robust software features like centralized lockdowns, uninterrupted continuity in network outages, and advanced reporting, PDK creates a comprehensive security solution that residents can count on.

Smart Apartment Software Integrations with PDK

Residents expect their communities to be both smart and secure. PDK integrates with leading smart apartment software, including Entrata, Quext, Level, Geokey, Della, and OwnerGo, giving residents and managers one unified platform to control everything to do with their properties. Integrating PDK with 3rd-party apartment software not only helps staff reduce administrative overhead but also creates an effortless living experience for residents.

Simplified Property Management

ProdataKey and smart apartment platforms help management teams work more efficiently and even reduce operating costs by putting everything to do with the property right at their fingertips. Teams can perform various tasks from one unified portal, including adding or removing access, managing amenity reservations, controlling access for vendors and deliveries, and communicating with residents. The seamless data synchronization between resident data and access permissions eliminates time-consuming manual data entry and streamlines move-ins.

Over are the days of constantly having to replace lost or stolen keys. On-site teams save time, money, and hassle by upgrading traditional locks and keys with high-security mobile credentials. When residents officially sign their lease, managers can instantly send them an access credential through the integrated portal. Access permissions can be edited or revoked at any time with no downtime or need to be on-site.

Door Prop Notification

Multi-dwelling communities have a responsibility to do their part to keep residents safe. The integration makes it easy for property managers to access essential security features like real-time notifications and advanced reporting. All with one point of contact, managers can view event logs for any part of the building, which can signal suspicious activity and aid in investigations. Instant notifications of forced entries, door props, and more help managers and security teams proactively respond to potential threats.

More Value for Residents

Intelligent, convenient amenities are among the top selling points for residents. When coupled with PDK, smart apartment software enables tenants to access their units and communal spaces with ultimate security and convenience. Whether it’s unlocking doors with a mobile app or using keycards or fobs, residents enjoy seamless entry without the headache of traditional keys.

Tenants can say goodbye to the myriad of apps used to manage their units. The integrated interface of PDK and apartment software serves as a one-stop hub for residents. Remotely control in-unit temperature, process maintenance requests, and more all on one platform. Residents can also remotely unlock doors or give temporary access to guests or service providers while they are away.

A Closer Look at Each Platform


Entrata is a comprehensive property management software for multifamily, student, and commercial properties worldwide. Their robust yet user-friendly software provides extensive tools for leasing, communication, resident management, and more to improve the tenant experience at every step of the leasing lifecycle.


Quext offers a suite of property management tools designed to create an intelligent ecosystem for managers and residents. Integrated with PDK, it provides efficient access control solutions and centralized management. Tenants can use the Quext app to access their residences, interact with the community, control in-unit lighting and temperature, and unlock doors for guests.


Level, formerly Dwelo, is a smart apartment solution with tools like automation, visitor management, and resident engagement to help owners drive value in competitive markets. Level eliminates manual tasks, helps teams monitor activity and maintenance events, and provides an optimized feed for high-stake notifications.


OwnerGo focuses on simplifying operations for property owners and managers. OwnerGo automatically manages leasing lists, collaboratively processes work orders with vendors, and automates package handling. OwnerGo is a free service with optional premium features, driving lots of value for multi-family communities.


Geokey is a hardware-agnostic access solution for student housing and multi-family residences, meaning it is built to function with any hardware platform or device. Geokey facilitates self-guided tours, provides advanced analytics, and works without card readers. Integrating with PDK gives tenants convenient, flexible access to their units.

Della Connect

Della Connect simplifies technology planning for multifamily property developers, owners, and operators. Della Connect unifies individual technologies within the multi-dwelling industry, including entry systems, access control, EV charging stations, and property management. Managers and residents can interact with every level of their property in a single view.

 PDK + Smart Apartments

The collaboration between ProdataKey access control and smart apartment software revolutionizes tenant management by offering boosted security, convenience, and communication. As the demand for clever property management solutions grows, PDK plays an essential role in optimizing residential experiences and safeguarding communities.


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