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One Platform, Endless Possibilities: ProdataKey and Entrata

PDK + Entrata in a apartment lobby with products from PDK and System Surveyor

When looking for your next home, what matters the most to you? Thankfully, with ProdataKey and Entrata, residents enjoy the enhanced security and convenience of smart communities. Property management faces many challenges, from safety to operational efficiency and tenant satisfaction. This dynamic integration of access control and property operating software technologies boosts security, introduces smart automation, and maximizes simplicity for tenants, redefining how residents and onsite teams go about their day-to-day.

access control and property management

The Integration

Identifying the right technology partner is the key to success, drawing new residents and keeping current ones happy. The integration between ProdataKey and Entrata brings together the best of both worlds. Managers and tenants can now leverage the power of PDK’s access control solutions completely tied into Entrata’s operating software, putting everything you need at your fingertips under one login- anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Enhanced Security

The PDK and Entrata partnership unifies property management and access control to ramp up security for facilities of all sizes. PDK ensures that only authorized personnel can access secured entries, including lobbies, individual units, parking garages, and shared amenities. On Entrata’s platform, administrators can easily manage and monitor access permissions for residents, staff, and vendors. Teams can also view activity logs and remotely unlock all common area doors.

Secured living in an apartment complex

Property managers can issue mobile credentials on Entrata’s ResidentPortal app, allowing residents to use their smartphones for entry. Residents and teams can view and reset pins if the hardware has a pin pad. On-site teams save immeasurable time and money in replacing lost or stolen physical keys. Detailed access audit trails and real-time alerts enable faster and better-informed responses to security concerns.

Smart Automation

Automating various processes saves property managers time and money, allowing teams to concentrate on providing the community a high-quality experience from top to bottom. With seamless data synchronization, resident data, access permissions, and move-in/move-out info are instantly synced between PDK and Entrata to eliminate timely manual data entry.

Entrata empowers on-site teams to add access control options to workflows for maintenance work orders, vendor access, and self-guided tours. Automations like these make management more efficient and responsive to stay ahead of whatever life throws.

seamless experience on the entrata app

The Seamless Experience

A positive renter experience is critical to tenant satisfaction and retention. The ProdataKey and Entrata integration makes every aspect of multifamily living convenient, simplified, and user-friendly from the very start.

Moving into a new apartment can be stressful, but not with this partnership. Once new tenants complete the online leasing process, they can join the ResidentPortal app, and an access credential is instantly issued. They can now access their new home without lifting a finger.

Property amenities are commonplace in new developments, as renters look for facilities that provide more than just a home but an elevated lifestyle. In the past, making and managing reservations or controlling access to shared spaces was complicated. PDK and Entrata simplify the process.

PDK + entrata

This integration redefines how we think about and experience smart living. PDK and Entrata seamlessly combine access control and property management to streamline processes and provide the ultimate, secure resident experience.


ProdataKey is renowned for their world-class access control hardware and software solutions. Their cloud-based, mobile-first platform offers effective, flexible, and scalable systems tailored to the complex needs of residential and commercial facilities, making them the provider of choice for security professionals nationwide.

Entrata is the leading operating platform for multifamily, student, and commercial properties, delivering time-saving, unified solutions for communities worldwide. Their robust yet user-friendly software provides extensive tools for owners and property managers to facilitate processes, improve communication, and make the renter experience top-notch at every step of the leasing life cycle.

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