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High-Security Readers

ProdataKey’s Red™ Readers are in a class of their own, with OSDP secure connectivity, high (13.56MHz) and low-frequency (125 kHz) communication, and mobile-ready options. Red Readers are now one of the most secure and versatile readers on the market today, handling every application, from your daily install to the most secure implementation.

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Standard technologies include Proximity (125 kHz) and high-security (13.56 MHz), so customers can set their migration path to secure credentials and security ecosystems.

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OSDP Multi-Drop accommodates many readers by running one length of cable, eliminating the need to run wire for each reader.

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From mullion to keypad to single-gang readers, you'll find the perfect application for your next security installation.


Part Numbers:

RM - High-Security (13.56MHz)

RMP - High-Security + Prox (125kHz)

RMB - High-Security + Mobile

RMPB - High-Sec + Prox + Mobile

RMB / RMPB - Coming Soon


Part Numbers:

RK - High-Security (13.56MHz)

RKP - High-Security + Prox (125kHz)

RKB - High-Security + Mobile

RKPB - High-Sec + Prox + Mobile

RKB / RKPB - Coming Soon


Part Numbers:

RG - High-Security (13.56MHz)

RGP - High-Security + Prox (125kHz)

RGB - High-Security + Mobile

RGPB - High-Sec + Prox + Mobile

RGB / RGPB - Coming Soon

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PDK Red Controllers were designed to be the perfect match for Red High-Security Readers.

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PDK Red Credentials were designed to be the perfect match for Red High-Security Readers.


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