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PDK Mobile Credentials: Convenient, Secure Access

Types of Mobile Credentials

Technology-driven access control is in high demand for commercial and residential facilities of all sizes. ProdataKey offers a wide range of innovative, cloud-based access control solutions that are leading the charge in the industry. PDK’s mobile-first approach is just one example of how the company makes access more convenient and secure than ever before.

convenient & Secure

As technology advances, access control is increasingly moving away from traditional card and key fob credentials and towards mobile options, leveraging the power of smartphones to grant access. Prodatakey offers both mobile and Bluetooth credentials to deliver a completely user-friendly experience.

What’s the Difference Between Mobile and Bluetooth Credentials?

Mobile credentials promise convenience to anyone who uses and manages a PDK system, allowing users to activate doors within the ProdataKey app. Unlimited mobile credentials are available on every PDK system to scale any size organization at no extra cost. With mobile credentials, authorized personnel can use their smartphone to enable long-range remote unlocking and management capabilities from anywhere in the world.

Long Range Remote Unlocking

Remote unlocking is especially useful for granting access to visitors, interim employees, or anyone needing temporary access. From the mobile app, administrators can even issue and remove credentials and set specific activation and expiration times for when they are enabled.

Bluetooth credentials allow controlled Bluetooth connectivity between smartphones and PDK Red or TouchIO readers. Approved users tap their smartphone at the enabled reader and are granted hassle-free entry without reaching for keys, fobs, or cards. Users can keep their phone in their pocket or bag on PDK TouchIO readers for even more convenient access.

Bluetooth Credentials

Ron Gunns, Director of Technology Operations at Access Professional Systems (APS), explains how his customers have benefitted from the system’s convenience,

“with the ProdataKey app running in the background, all you have to do is walk up, and the door opens automatically. When we show our clients that, they are wowed and amazed.”

Ron Gunns

Like mobile credentials, administrators can issue Bluetooth credentials on the fly either through the ProdataKey app or

Are Mobile and Bluetooth Credentials Secure?

ProdataKey’s mobile and Bluetooth credentials offer the convenience that consumers are looking for without compromising security. Mobile access credentials are encrypted into the smart device’s memory, making them infinitely more secure than clonable proximity cards. Plus, with the ability to add, delete, and turn off credentials at any time, administrators have complete control over who can access the system.

Prodata Key app on phone

How do Mobile Credentials Make Systems More Cost-Effective?

With PDK’s mobile and Bluetooth credentials, system administrators no longer need to purchase a physical access credential whenever they add a new user to the system. Physical credentials are easily broken and frequently lost, resulting in substantial replacement expenses. PDK’s mobile credentials offer a cost-saving alternative.

You might worry about reduced revenue from not selling physical credentials if you’re an installer or dealer. Rest assured, customers will love this mobile-first solution, and keep them returning to you for all of their access control needs.

“Ease of use is hands down the most favorable review we have received from our clients.”

Ron Gunns

To conclude, PDK’s mobile and Bluetooth credentials offer a convenient, secure solution for access control systems in all applications. They provide a seamless, reliable way for users to manage and gain access to a building while also boosting security, an extension of the company’s mission to provide the most cutting-edge solutions.

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Mobile Credentials PDF Sheet


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