Finally, a Bluetooth reader with real intent.

The all-new touch ioTM Bluetooth reader enhances user experience while upholding the highest level of security. Using a mobile device as a credential, touch io allows users to keep their phone in their pocket for hassle-free entry.

Hassle-free touch access

Keep your phone in your pocket for hassle-free entry. Simply tap or nudge the reader and touch io will automatically unlock the door using a mobile credential. No more fumbling with keys, looking for an ID badge, or struggling to get your phone out of your pocket.

Unlimited mobile credentials

With touch io, you can issue an unlimited number of mobile credentials per reader. System owners will experience significant cost savings over traditional access control cards and other forms of credentials.

Inside-out technology

Unlike other Bluetooth readers, touch io uses inside-out technology to prevent accidental openings. Using advanced hardware, the reader detects which side of the door a user is standing, distinguishing between credentials inside or outside of a room before granting access.

Built for security & convenience 

Increased security

Compared to traditional RFID prox cards, as well as to more high-tech 13MHz contactless smart cards, touch io mobile credentials cannot be cloned or copied. 

Easier management

Issue mobile credentials in seconds using only an email address. System administrators can easily generate and assign mobile credentials to employees with just a few clicks from within pdk io.

Stop The Grind

Touch io grants hassle-free access even when your hands are full or unable to get to your access control card quickly. 

Get started today

Having a secure office doesn't have to be inconvenient. Get in touch with one of our security experts to learn more about touch io and Bluetooth mobile credentials.

Frequently asked questions

Does touch io require a cellular or WiFi connection?

No! Touch io uses Bluetooth technology for mobile credentials. That way, your credential will still be active and operational if there is poor cellular coverage or if the WiFi is down.

Does the app have to be open to use touch io?

No! After setting up the app, it will simply run in the background of your phone. In order for touch io to work properly, users must keep the Bluetooth on their device active. If a user turns Bluetooth off, the touch io app notifies them that their mobile credential will no longer be active. By utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy, the touch io app should have very little impact on a phone’s battery life.

What happens if a phone is lost or stolen?

If a phone is lost or stolen, its owner can immediately deactivate the credential by remotely wiping the phone with a tool like “Find My Phone,” a precaution he or she is likely to take out of concern for other personal data also stored on the device. By contrast, if a wallet or keys are lost that contain a card or fob, the credential remains active until the company’s system administrator is notified of the loss – which may sometimes take days.

Can the read distance of the touch io reader be adjusted?

System administrators can fine-tune the read distance in the touch app. Touch io can read a mobile credential from as far as 30 feet away. To avoid unintentional openings, we don't recommend extending the read distance beyond where a typical user will stand as they approach the door.

What happens to my credential when I upgrade my phone?

When a user upgrades their phone, the credential can be reissued to a new phone. System administrators can quickly and easily remove and add new mobile credentials for a user, directly from pdk io.

Can the reader be set to require dual-factor authentication?

Absolutely! If an opening requires a second factor of authentication, touch io has solutions available. Touch io can use a mobile devices facial recognition feature or fingerprint reader as two-form authentication. Simply touch the reader for your first form of authentication, and then scan your face or fingerprint on your mobile device for the second form of authentication.

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