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PDK plus Hanwha

integrated videosurveillance

ProdataKey and Hanwha Vision’s proven technology delivers an unparalleled performance experience from end to end. With integrated access control and video surveillance, elevate building security and manage your system like never before, all from the cloud.

PDK Hanwha Integration


Monitor live video feeds, view event alerts, and create bookmarks under one comprehensive platform and experience unified management.

Hanwha Integration unified management


Find and review event activity logs alongside live or recorded video for instant access verification on any device.

Hanwha Integration access events


Initiate any access event with the push of a button right from Hanwha’s live video footage. Unlock doors for visitors anytime, anywhere, with remote access.

Hanwha Integration door triggers
Hanwha Integration access control and video surveillance

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PDK + Integrated Video Surveillance with Hanwha Vision

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