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Embracing the Future: PDK for Enterprise

PDK for enterprise with distribution center
seamlessly scalable with PDK products

What makes an enterprise an enterprise? Few agree on a singular answer, but typically, an enterprise refers to a large, complex organization or business operating in diverse industries like manufacturing, services, technology, and finance. They are usually made up of several different entities or departments and are overseen by an administrative team or board of executives. Here’s where ProdataKey (PDK) comes into play. In the fast-paced enterprise world, where security and efficiency are key, choosing the right access control system can transform daily operations. PDK is a leading solution, offering scalability, robust integrations, and easy management, aligning perfectly with large-scale organizations.

PoE++ and WiMac

Systems Built for Growth

One of ProdataKey’s standout features is its scalability. Whether the organization is a budding startup or a well-established enterprise, PDK systems are designed to grow seamlessly alongside businesses. In particular, with PDK’s hardware options, integrators can easily design, install, and expand systems. PDK has many controller types ranging from one-door to eight-door+ options for more flexibility in system design, and with the controller’s plug-and-play functionality, doors can be added anytime.

PoE++, WiMac controller options, and wireless repeaters are effective tools for access control installations, especially for large systems that may span multiple buildings.

“Deployment is simple whether the system will be centralized in a single MDF or spread throughout a facility. Additionally, leveraging PoE++ to deliver system power eliminates the need to deploy controllers only where AC receptacles are located,”

JR Andrews - Regional Sales Manager at PDK.

ProdataKey ensures access control can accommodate and evolve with the ever-changing needs of enterprise systems.

Streamlining Operations with Integrations

For modern enterprises, seamless integration of multiple systems is critical for efficiency. Integrating access with video surveillance systems, HR solutions, and other platforms creates a cohesive and interactive security ecosystem. ProdataKey offers a variety of integrations with different platforms, delivering a comprehensive solution that goes beyond access.

PDK integrates with HR solutions such as employee and visitor management to streamline operations for large organizations. PDK’s integration with Microsoft Entra is especially valuable for enterprises. The integration equips administrators with a single sign-on (SSO) to connect their entire workforce, streamlining data entry and management into a unified database. Paired with PDK’s multi-site functionality, where user databases can be shared across different locations, management is efficient and consistent at every level.

Open API and integrations with PDK

ProdataKey’s integration with Hanwha, Digital Watchdog, Turing, and other VMS solutions boosts security for enterprises, allowing security personnel and administrators to interact with both systems under one roof. Investigate events, create bookmarks, and trigger access events directly from the integrated VMS. “Value may be realized when there is an actionable incident. The security personnel can react quickly to mitigate the threat as they do not need to access different interfaces of the security solutions available to them,” Andrews explained. PDK’s commitment to integrations empowers large organizations to leverage all their technologies together to maximize their capabilities.

Enterprise Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

ProdataKey’s intuitive user experience and robust features demonstrate that access control for enterprise doesn’t have to be complicated. PDK distinguishes itself from other cloud platforms by offering just one software with all the available features and functionalities. There is no base vs. enterprise distinction, meaning systems can expand without being limited by premium software costs. “All systems enjoy every feature and benefit that PDK offers,” said Andrews.

Admin can make changes on the fly through the ProdataKey mobile app—no need for an on-site IT team typically required for traditional on-prem systems.

“Enterprise systems can get very complicated and hard to navigate. PDK brings its simple, intuitive UI to the enterprise level,”

Marshall Burton - Regional Sales Director at PDK.

With PDK, administrators can add users, manage permissions, and set schedules anytime, on any web-connected device.

PDK’s emphasis on mobile use not only improves the user experience but also enhances security. Admins can quickly locate and disable users, run reports, and set up alerts for complete control over their systems. Group rules can be created for various departments or entities to streamline the entire organization’s management. Platform

Though traditionally, on-prem systems have been the norm for large-scale organizations, increasingly they are moving towards cloud-based platforms, and PDK stands at the forefront. ProdataKey offers a comprehensive and sophisticated solution for enterprise security and management. From scalability and integrations to streamlined management and an intuitive UI, PDK systems are built to meet the evolving needs of modern organizations. Embrace the future of access with PDK.


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