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How Security Professionals Can Stay Up to Date in the Industry

Man at computer learning about the security industry

Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends is fundamental for success in the security industry. In a constantly innovating field, ongoing training and education are essential to delivering leading security solutions and maintaining that competitive edge. ProdataKey (PDK) integrator partners can find various online and in-person resources to stay on top of the game. Here’s a comprehensive guide for security professionals to stay current on certifications and learning.

Why Staying Up-to-Date is Critical for Security Professionals

If you’ve been in the security industry for a while, you’ve seen how it is marked by constant technological advancement. For example, the industry has seen widespread adoption of OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) technology, replacing 1970s-era Wiegand, and the growing popularity of AI-integrated cameras. Perhaps one of the biggest shifts has been the rise of cloud-based security platforms, like ProdataKey, replacing traditional on-premise solutions.

This constant evolution highlights the importance of continued education.

“Things are always changing in the industry. So regardless of whether it’s cameras or intrusion detection or access control, I think it’s important that people reach out to their manufacturer partners and take advantage of training and opportunities to connect at expos and events,”

Cole Nebeker, Training and Event Manager at PDK

Security dealers and their teams should try to stay on top of the latest technologies to provide the best solutions to their clients. Investing in constant improvement is one of the most important steps a business can take to remain competitive and earn customer trust.

Attending Security Industry Events and Expos

Various security expos

Trade shows and expos are excellent opportunities for learning and networking. Events like ISC West in Las Vegas, NV, offer a broad view of the industry, with industry professionals and manufacturers traveling from across the globe to show off and discover the latest products. These massive shows are great for getting an overall impression of the industry and expanding your network. Like ISC West, other shows like TekFest, ASIS International, and IML Security Expos often offer feature speakers who are leaders in the industry and training sessions to refine your skills.

ProdataKey Cloud Security Training Programs

For those just breaking into the industry or seeking to deepen their expertise, manufacturer training programs are an excellent resource.

“I think it's a very wise investment to have all of your technicians fully trained on the product that they'll be installing rather than just a handful of individuals because it leads to a better customer experience and increases the efficiency of the install,”

Cole Nebeker

PDK offers a robust training program with courses such as Access Control 101, Sales Certification, and Technical Certification, each designed to empower integrators.

PDK’s Access Control 101 course is ideal for newcomers, covering the fundamentals of access control systems. The Sales Certification focuses on strategies for selling ProdataKey’s cloud-hosted solution, which works on a recurring monthly revenue (RMR) model. Expanding your offerings to include SaaS solutions is largely where the industry is moving and an effective way to boost the value of a business. PDK’s technical certification provides in-depth training on all of PDK’s products and ensures that technicians have the tools to install and support systems at the highest level.

PDK Access Control Online Help Center

PDK's Online Help Center

The PDK Online Help Center (Knowledge Base), available on, is a comprehensive support resource that provides in-depth information for everything related to PDK access control systems. The Knowledge Base has over 1000 updated articles, offering essential information for every step of the installation process, from hardware to configuration to maintenance. Regularly brushing up on PDK knowledge with the Online Help Center can help integrators avoid calls to tech support and provide efficient service to end-users.

Utilize Security Industry Publications and Associations

Subscribing to security industry organizations, such as IPVM and the Security Industry Association, provides regular updates on the latest news and technologies. They also often offer different training opportunities and events. “There are lots of other organizations that offer certifications; some of them are free, and some of them are not. One that I’ve looked at in particular is IPVM’s training. They offer a full scope, everything from access control to cameras, and they offer a ton of good resources,” said Nebeker.

IPVM and SIA are great Industry publications

Founded in 2008, IPVM is the leading authority on physical security, covering a broad spectrum of technologies, including access control, surveillance, and more. IPVM hosts a variety of discussion boards, training courses, and online presentations. IPVM also delivers highly-researched articles and reports, exemplary of its dedication to providing objective information and advocating ethical practices in the industry.

ProdataKey Access Control Coaching Sessions

PDK access control LIVE coaching sessions

ProdataKey’s new Access Control Coaching Series aims to support new and existing partners further. PDK will host a live broadcast session monthly, each covering a different fundamental access control topic. “The goal is for our partners to attend and maybe learn something new about common access control terminology and principles and to generally become more confident with the PDK product,” explained Nebeker, who leads each coaching session. ProdataKey provides continuous learning opportunities based on partner feedback and their evolving needs.

Staying up to date with training and education is essential for security integrators and PDK partners. By attending industry events, subscribing to professional publications, and utilizing PDK’s wide scope of training opportunities, security dealers can ensure they stay on the cutting edge in a constantly evolving industry. Promoting a culture of continuous learning not only enhances team skills and knowledge but also helps their businesses’ overall success and growth.


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