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PDK Online Help Center

PDK Online Help Center

ProdataKey (PDK) prides itself on delivering the market’s most effective, convenient, and valuable access control solutions. Ensuring the safety and security of businesses and facilities in various industries while supporting their partners is their top priority.

Installer using PDK Online Help Center

Online Help Center

PDK’s Online Help Center (Knowledge Base), available on, is a prime example of their commitment to their partners to equip them with all the tools they need for success. It is a comprehensive support resource that serves as a one-stop shop for everything related to ProdataKey’s access control systems. It provides installers and users with the guidance and information they need to make the most of their system.

The Help Center is a knowledge base of over 1,000 articles designed to support and guide dealers, installers, end-users, and administrators through the PDK system. Whether you are a dealer looking to enhance your knowledge or a technician seeking troubleshooting tips, the knowledge base has got you covered.

1000+ articles of support

Gone are the days of calling tech support or searching through lengthy manuals for every question you have. With the Help Center, you can pull up all the information on your phone while on a job site to quickly find the necessary answers. That said, partners usually only experience a wait time of twenty seconds to reach PDK’s top-notch support.

A stand-out feature of the Help Center is its user-friendly interface. Are you looking for information on new hardware or troubleshooting a common issue and need a quick answer? Simply head over to, the ProdataKey app, or, where you can access the knowledge base through the Help Center or on the question mark icon in the app. Click here, and it will pull up context help for where you are in the software. From there, you can open an article leading you to the complete knowledge page, where you can filter the information you need with the search tool. The ability to search for a specific term within a larger frame makes finding answers even more accessible.

user friendly interface

The Online Help Center is constantly updated to keep up with ProdataKey’s latest innovations. Find relevant information on the most recent hardware, features, and software updates, and trust that you are finding the most accurate and reliable information.

Graphic of a reader Connection

With “how-to” and “what-are” articles, users can better understand and utilize their PDK system to its full potential. The Help Center also features graphics, which can be especially helpful when explaining concepts or understanding complex technical instructions.

The Help Center is a game-changer for anyone who sells, installs or uses a ProdataKey access control system. With its treasure trove of knowledge and ease of access, the Online Help Center is a robust resource, ensuring our partners have all the tools they need to succeed. So, the next time you encounter an issue or need an answer quickly, turn to the Knowledge Base for all things access control- the PDK way.


PDK Online Help Center PDF Sheet


BAP 45: PDK Online Help Center

Listen in to the conversation with Ryan Rawlings, as we talk about the Online Help Center and how it assists both installers and users.


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