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Take your ProdataKey installations to the next level with our upcoming access control coaching courses designed specifically for installers. We’ll be hosting in-depth live sessions that’ll equip you with the knowledge and skills to improve your installations and better service your customers.

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Whether you’re new to access control or looking to refine your expertise, these coaching courses offer valuable insights and tools to unlock the potential of your installations. Register today!

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9am PDT | 10am MDT | 11am CDT | 12am EDT

Adding Doors to Configuration and Appropriate Programming

Discover the ins and outs of configuring and programming ProdataKey access control systems. Learn about the essential tools for how to set up systems with ease.

Key Topics

  1. How to Use the Self-Discovery Tool: Understand how to effectively use the self-discovery tool to seamlessly integrate new doors. 

  2. How to Use the Connections Tab: Learn how to use the Connections tab to establish new controllers and display their connection type.

  3. Programming for Different Reader Types: Discover how to program standard, TouchIO, and Red readers. 

  4. Auto-Open Functionality: Explore how and when to leverage auto-open functionality after the first allow. 

  5. Delay vs. Dwell Time on Relay: Understand the difference between delay and dwell time and learn how to configure each effectively. 

  6. Utilizing A/B Inputs: Learn how to utilize A/B inputs and program door alarms for enhanced security monitoring.

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9am PDT | 10am MDT | 11am CDT | 12am EDT

Groups and System Events

This session covers how to set up group and system events for effective system management. Understand how to customize settings to maximize PDK systems’ potential.

Key Topics

Discover the most common uses and how to program group and system events. 

  1. Notifications: Overview of system events and notifications, including door propped, door forced, access denied, power monitoring, and more. 

  2. REX Rules: How to set up a trigger for request-to-exit (REX) devices and the corresponding action.

  3. Lockdown Configuration: Learn how to configure a system to lock all doors in the case of an emergency.

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9am PDT | 10am MDT | 11am CDT | 12am EDT

Reporting and Live Events

This in-depth course is designed to give you the tools and knowledge to effectively generate, filter, and leverage reports, as well as how to use live event data for real-time decision-making.

Key Topics

  1. Report Types: Learn to use and differentiate between People, Credentials, and Events reports. 

  2. Available Filters: Discover and understand available filters to meet your reporting needs.

  3. Available Outputs: Understand the different available outputs, such as occurred time, event, and result, to gain critical insights. 

  4. Selecting Filters: Master using filters to refine report data and quickly identify essential information. 

  5. Using Live Events: Explore using filters and reading live event data to improve system management. 

  6. Using Debug Mode for Diagnostics: Understand how to find applicable information that is useful for troubleshooting issues.

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Our online training courses are designed to be completed online at your own time and pace. After completing the technical certification course, your company will receive all of the benefits for a certified partner!


PDK technical certification

Technical PDK Certification

On-Demand Training

Learn the technical skills necessary to successfully install and configure a PDK system.

PDK Sales Training

Sales Training

Alternating Thur. 8-10am
mountain time zone

Learn how to confidently sell, survey, spec, and bid the entire line of PDK services.

touch reader mounted on door

Access Control 101

FREE Training

Enhance your skills, knowledge, and understanding of all-things access control!

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