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PDK High-Security Red Readers

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It’s no secret—when it comes to security technology, innovation is what sets apart the best of the best. ProdataKey (PDK), a leading cloud-based access control platform, strives to be at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions. Among their lineup of noteworthy products, ProdataKey’s Red High-Security Readers stand out as an example of their commitment to providing practical solutions that drive value and security for their partners.

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PDK Red Reader Models

With powerful features, including OSDP secure connectivity, high and low-frequency communication, and mobile-ready options, PDK Red Readers are ProdataKey’s most flexible and safe reader offering. PDK Red Readers come in three basic models: mullion, keypad, and single gang, designed to fit various wall space size restrictions.

Multi-site Ready on PDKio communicates with multiple cloud nodes

Modern businesses and organizations need advanced solutions to ensure security and seamless access for authorized users. PDK Red Readers has several contactless credential options, low-frequency (125khz) standard prox, high-security (13.56mhz), and mobile. With contactless RF technology, users simply bring their credentials within range (3-4”) of the reader for entry. PDK Red 13.56mhz credentials are highly secure because their encrypted data protects against breaches and cloning.

PDK Red Readers are mobile-ready for ultimate convenience and security. With the ProdataKey mobile app, authorized people can use their smartphones to trigger direct remote unlocking on any smart device from anywhere in the world. Encrypted Bluetooth credentials are available through the ProdataKey app for hassle-free access. Mobile credentials can be issued or removed at any time by the system administrator, offering significant cost savings from replacing lost or stolen physical cards and fobs.

Cole Nebeker, PDK Partner Success Manager, points out,

“They’re really the most premium reader model we offer because they are so flexible to what people need. They are designed that way so that you have a lot of options regardless of what you’re working with to implement a high-security solution.”

Cole Nebeker

PDK Red Readers have the versatility and performance to accommodate any situation, from SMB to enterprise-grade and from a standard install to high-security applications like healthcare, banking, and education.

Extended management with PDKio


PDK Red Readers and the entire PDK Red product line have OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) connectivity for robust security. OSDP facilitates bidirectional communication between the reader and access controller, sending data back and forth rather than unidirectionally. OSDP monitors wiring to protect against tampering and supports advanced AES-128 encryption, which is required in federal government applications. With encryptions built in at every step of the way, pairing PDK Red Readers with PDK Red Controllers delivers an extra level of protection for the ultimate high-security experience.

OSDP sets a standardized framework for pushing firmware updates, allowing seamless communication between readers and the rest of the system. With OSDP, firmware updates can be done remotely, ensuring that hardware is always updated with the latest features.

“Because of OSDP, the readers have firmware on board that can be upgraded in the future. So, I always recommend them because they're future-proof,”

Cole Nebeker

PDKio features System and Health insights

Thanks to OSDP two-way communication, the multi-drop function allows you to attach up to four readers to a single port or controller. Multi-drop addresses each reader individually and can connect them by running just one length of cable, eliminating the need to run wire for each reader. This contrasts with standard Wiegand, where each reader needs to be wired back to the controller, risking jumbled data coming in.

The multi-drop function with OSDP simplifies wiring and installation for complex applications. Nebeker explains, “The most commonplace, where I see is when you have a scan in and a scan out, or perhaps multiple readers going through a single entry, like at a gate. So if you have four readers, you can do all that through a single reader port without getting an additional relay involved.”

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ProdataKey’s Red High-Security Readers epitomize innovation in access control. With a variety of models, flexible credential options, and robust features, these readers deliver exactly the performance that any application demands. When selecting hardware for high-security, seamless access, look no further than PDK Red.


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