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Unlock More Potential. PDK Expands Red Series with the Aux 8

Aux 8 with DPS and elevator

ProdataKey (PDK), a leading provider of mobile-first, cloud-based access control solutions has expanded its line of Red high-security access control hardware with the addition of the Red Aux 8. PDK designs all of its products with reliability, flexibility, and ease of use in mind, and the Red Aux 8 auxiliary controller is no exception. It is an infinitely versatile device that takes the capabilities of PDK systems to the next level.

New applications and opportunities are made possible with the Red Aux 8. It is an input/output board built to conveniently extend support to auxiliary devices that require control and monitoring, and at the same time,

“an affordable device that opens enhanced capabilities,”

Sean Blaisdell, Inside General Sales Manager at PDK.

This is not your average controller. The Aux 8 is designed to provide additional reporting capabilities and even trigger a wide range of auxiliary devices using both wet and dry contacts. It has eight inputs and eight output relays, which are used to monitor various third-party devices and integrate them seamlessly into the system. The controller can support elevator controls, door position sensors, alarm intrusion sensors, push buttons, and more to create more comprehensive, streamlined operations across the entire site.

Elevator Control

The Red Aux 8 makes elevator controls incredibly easy to scale. Working on a building with more than 8 floors? No problem. Additional auxiliary controllers can be linked to the system to deliver controlled access to every level of the facility.

Door Monitoring

Door position sensors (DPS) are a valuable addition to any system, and they can be connected through the Aux 8. Installing a DPS enables advanced capabilities, provides important reporting, and supplies additional recurring monthly revenue (RMR) opportunities without drastically increasing cost. Sean Blaisdell explains,

“Now you can reach out to your customers to let them know whenever a door is propped and charge a premium service for that.”

End-users benefit from the ability to view the status of a door, even if an access control reader isn’t installed.

PoE Module and Wireless Module

Are you already familiar with ProdataKey’s Red Series controllers? The Red Aux 8 is built with the same PDK Red technology that amplifies security and makes installation easy. The Aux 8 has built-in Ethernet connectivity and automatic self-discovery to simplify IP configuration and functionality.

A key feature of the Aux 8 is its modularity, meaning it can be adjusted to communicate in several different ways. By default, the Aux 8 is connected by an Ethernet or a network connection; however, PDK wireless and PDK PoE++ module kits can be added. The combination of PoE++ and the Aux 8 drives simplicity even further on the overall install, allowing plug-and-play connectivity and eliminating the need for an external power supply.

Though the Red Aux 8 is a cost-effective solution, it doesn’t compromise on its capability and endless flexibility. In situations where a larger controller isn’t necessary, the Aux 8 is a valuable option that delivers exactly the functionality that the system requires.

The PDK Red Aux 8 is available now. See it on the shelves at your preferred distributor, or visit to learn more.


Aux 8 Sheet


PDK Access Control Coaching: Red Aux 8 Controller

Listen as Sean Blaisdell, Inside General Sales Manager, highlights some key features of the Aux 8.


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