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PDK Outdoor Solutions: Flexible, Weather-Proof Access Control

PDK Outdoor Solutions with PDK product in the rain

Protecting the exterior of any property is the first line of defense for creating a comprehensive security solution, and ProdataKey (PDK) provides the industry’s top cloud-based access control for outdoor uses. From parking garages to gated communities, storage facilities to exterior doors, PDK’s remarkably flexible and durable options are engineered for exceptional performance in any application.

Red Gate controller

PDK Red Gate Outdoor Controllers

ProdataKey’s Red Gate Outdoor Controllers provide secured access to any exterior gate for commercial properties, residential communities, parking garages, and more. PDK Red Gate Controllers’ built-in Ethernet connectivity and automatic self-discovery ease the headaches of installation. While wireless add-on options make extending controlled access to exterior locations far from the network, more adaptable than ever before.

Red Gate Outdoor Controllers and PDK’s entire Red product line deliver advanced security with OSDP functionality. OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) facilitates encrypted credential communication between the controller and reader and protects the data from being intercepted and replicated.

For ultimate security and convenience, pair PDK’s Red Gate Controller with PDK Red Readers, available with keypad, proximity, and mobile credential options. Jason Blesdoe from Atlanta Access Controls explains,

“We’ve had many solutions where we’ve used PDK Bluetooth and that’s been successful. The customizers like that they can open the gate with their ProdataKey app. They don’t have to roll down the window and present a card. They can just push a button on their phone, and the gate opens.”

Jason Blesdoe, Atlanta Access Controls

Red Pedestal Outdoor Controller

PDK Red Pedestal Outdoor Controllers

PDK Red Pedestal Outdoor Controllers manage and regulate access to entrances for exterior applications such as parking lots, storage facilities, and gated properties. Pedestals are the perfect access control solution for free-standing locations or wherever wall-mounting isn’t possible and can be paired with any PDK reader. They are built to withstand harsh conditions while preventing unauthorized access and facilitating efficient traffic flow. Users enjoy a seamless, convenient experience at every entry.

PDK Red Pedestals have controller health monitoring, wireless options, OSDP functionality, and weatherproof stainless-steel construction. When selecting access control hardware for an outdoor application, consider the existing infrastructure. For applications that are far detached from the central building, selecting wireless PDK Red Pedestals, and sometimes in conjunction with a wireless repeater, simplifies installations.

Wireless Repeater

Jason Blesdoe explains, “The wireless repeater allows us to put the RPW (Wireless PDK Red Pedestal) at the gate, which is a real cost-saving because then the customer doesn’t have to contract us or another vendor to run communication, conduit, trenching, etc. This really streamlines that process and allows us to go in and present a cost-effective solution that makes everyone happy.”

Rugged Readers

PDK Rugged Readers

PDK Rugged Readers, available with proximity and keypad credential options, are ideal for outdoor applications such as exterior doors or any other location subject to brutal weather or vandalism. Built with durability in mind, they are constructed with zinc alloy housing, resistant to damage from dust, rain, and extreme temperatures.

Recently, Atlanta Access Controls recently did a PDK installation for a Georgia-based film production studio and selected Rugged Keypad Readers. These were selected for two reasons: the frequency of new users and the readers’ durability.

“The customer wanted to be able to issue temporary PINs, only valid for how long the production lasts. This allows them to have some flexibility on how they manage users and then not have to remember to go back and turn them off. Also, the reader is out in the elements, on a gooseneck with no protection. So we chose that reader because it’s built to withstand the weather conditions,”

Jason Blesdoe

Pedestal Pro

Pedestal PRO Integration

Pedestal PRO is a leading access control pedestal manufacturer emphasizing premium quality and aesthetics in all their products. Pedestal PRO offers twelve turn-key hardware solutions specifically designed for PDK readers for easy and precise installation—Flush mount PDK devices to pedestals for the lowest possible profile and a professional, cohesive presentation. This pedestal hardware and access control integration maximizes visitors’ first impressions with high-end architectural features that guarantee a wow factor.

ProdataKey’s outdoor solutions redefine access control for exterior settings. Red Gate Controllers, Red Pedestals, and Rugged Readers showcase PDK’s durability and adaptability for a wide array of applications. The Pedestal PRO integration further elevates the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of any access control system. These offerings are an extension of PDK’s mission to be the most innovative, effective, and easy-to-use solution on the market.


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