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ProdataKey & Pedestal PRO Join Forces to Deliver Integrated Mounting Solutions

PDK + Pedestal PRO

ProdataKey (PDK), a leader and innovator in the cloud-based access control industry has teamed up with Pedestal PRO, a leading manufacturer of high-quality pedestals to offer unbeaten value, simplified installations, and seamlessly integrated products to partners. This partnership delivers exceptional pedestal solutions designed exactly for PDK device mounting. Both PDK and Pedestal PRO are dedicated to delivering premium quality, versatility, and performance to meet every need.

custom access and pedestal solutions

Pedestals are the perfect access control mounting solution for free-standing locations including lobbies, parking lots, and gated properties or wherever wall-mounting isn’t possible. What really makes this integration stand out are the exceptional aesthetics and functionality that every model provides.

“PDK has just as much of a need to mount devices to reflect the beauty and aesthetics as well as the quality that goes into signaling and networking,”

said Pike Goss, CEO of Pedestal PRO. This integration demonstrates the values of both companies and offers an understanding of how they brand themselves and how they want to be known in the industry.

ProdataKey Pedestals

Pedestals are so much more than just a way to display something, oftentimes they are a property’s first opportunity to make a good impression on visitors and employees. PDK x Pedestal PRO access control solutions maximize that impression with premium architectural features and top-quality materials ideal for high-end applications that want that wow-factor. Users can rest assured that each pedestal is made with maximum durability and overall functionality in mind. Every model is exceptionally designed and constructed to create an installation that is powerful in security yet aesthetically pleasing.

“The industry has a need for mounting devices in so many different ways that there needs to be a player who can advise, design, build, and mount solutions in all of their varieties,”

said Pike Goss. Every Prodatakey x Pedestal PRO solution has the customizability and robust capability for any project, backed by teams that partners can rely on.

The integration makes access control installation simple for dealers. Pedestal Pro offers twelve turn-key pedestal solutions that are specifically-designed for PDK devices allowing for easy and precise installation. These pedestals are designed for flush mounting of PDK devices, resulting in the lowest possible profile and a completely cohesive presentation. Pedestal Pro also supplies a variety of models that are compatible with or customizable to PDK making an unlimited amount of versalite applications possible, while custom-options and tiered-pricing accommodate a wide range of projects and budgets. Reviewing products, selecting options, and placing orders for mounting solutions is extremely convenient and user-friendly on both websites. Pedestal Pro is also stocked at select distributors.

PDK + Pedestal PRO

Pike Goss explains, this partnership “drives certainty and a comfort level to know that when you’re dealing with a PDK x Pedestal PRO solution that everything is just going to work seamlessly. It takes the work out of the equation, the hassle out of the equation because of the relationship between the two companies. Everything is backed up by both teams, which are so wonderful that the value just becomes bankable.”

ProdataKey is proud of this partnership with Pedestal Pro because it delivers on the promise to offer the most valuable, effortless and secure access control solutions to partners. Dealers are empowered by simplified mounting selection and installation while customers benefit from an unmatched user-experience. Get the best out of your system and unlock new potential with PDK’s innovative, mobile-first platform and a top-quality pedestal to match with Pedestal Pro.


About PDK:

ProdataKey (PDK) is a leading innovator of networked cloud-based access control products and services. The company’s mobile-first PDK io cloud platform allows for complete system management and control through any web-connected device, anywhere, anytime. With thousands of systems managing tens of thousands of doors for a quickly expanding base of loyal customers throughout North America and beyond, PDK delivers an exceptional user experience as well as the highest levels of security, safety and data privacy.

About Pedestal Pro:

Pedestal PRO is the world’s leading manufacturer for access control pedestals and supports a global network of systems integrators and security professionals. Pedestal PRO stocks over 150 skus and provides free engineering and design for custom projects. Pedestal PRO has been serving the industry since April 2002.

PDK + Pedestal PRO


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