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Building Better Communities: ProdataKey and InvictusXP

PDK + Invictus XP outside an apartment with products from PDK and Invictus

What do you see as the future of multi-family residential property management? ProdataKey (PDK) and InvictusXP agree that the industry’s future demands the integration of multiple technology platforms for the ultimate user experience. PDK, a leading innovator in cloud-based access control products and services, and InvictusXP, a video intercom and property management platform, offer a robust integration that creates more intelligent, more efficient communities.

access control and video intercom

Integration Features

PDK and InvictusXP go beyond traditional property management systems, offering a comprehensive approach to security and communications for multi-family, student housing, and co-working. Resident databases are synced across both platforms to deliver the unified management that multi-tenant properties need. The integration creates a seamless community ecosystem, combining access control and video intercom to enhance the overall effectiveness of each individual platform.

Convenient Access on Invictus XP App

Users can now interact with PDK-secured entryways throughout their building using a single, convenient portal. Residents and administrators can speak with visitors on the InvictusXP app, verify their identity, and remotely unlock the door. Residents can also send guests, maintenance, and deliveries quick keys for one-time usage within 90 minutes or guest keys that last for seven days.

Kevin DeMattio, InvictusXP Cofounder and Board member, explains,

“Between video intercoms and access control, it's paramount for safety to identify and secure. With all the deliveries and all the guests coming, it’s nice to be able to verify that who is there is who they say they are.”

Kevin DeMattio

With PDK’s access activity logs, customized reporting, and instant alerts, security is improved across the entire property.

Invictus XP app on iPhone and Apple watch

The InvictusXP app is residents’ one-stop hub for all things related to their property. It makes it easier for residents to access their community, easing the workload on property managers. Residents can make maintenance requests, reserve amenities, and access a community bulletin board on the app. Residents can even chat directly with community managers for faster, more efficient issue responses.

The integration bridges the gap between visitors, residents, and the greater community with InvictusXP’s interactive virtual concierge. It can welcome and verify guests, give wayfinding for deliveries, and tell visitors where to eat or what to do in the community. Guests can also access the building’s directory to find the tenant they want to call. Coupons for local businesses are included on the Invictus app, providing a revenue opportunity for property management while supporting businesses within the community.

By combining the technologies of ProdataKey and InvictusXP, tenants, and community managers not only enjoy the benefits of a holistic custom software experience, but the property finds savings on SaaS (Software as a Service) fees. Dynamic integration offers many tools and features that minimize the need for integrating more points of software. DeMattio points out,

“We hope a product like ours could replace at least one or two software they’re currently paying for. The more money they can save their resident, the more value that property has to that potential resident.”

Kevin DeMattio

PDK + Invictus XP

As businesses and properties try to stay ahead of the ever-changing technology landscape, this integration delivers a solution ready for the future. With game-changing features and a streamlined, convenient user experience, ProdataKey and InvictusXP are bringing communities to the next level.


The industry has taken notice of ProdataKey (PDK) for its technology-driven, scalable access control solutions. PDK enables businesses, residences, and other properties to manage and monitor access to their premises easily. The platform secures entry points, tracks access activity, and ensures only authorized users can access specific areas. The company emphasizes comprehensive mobile-first capabilities, easy remote access, and convenient system configuration on any web-connected device.

InvictusXP is determined to solve the problems of the resident experience by offering a new way for administrators, tenants, and guests to go about their day to day. InvictusXP provides an industrial-grade high-definition video intercom system built with its engagement platform that streamlines all operations. The platform delivers robust features, including two-way intercom communication, digital and guest keys, a virtual concierge, and various other integrations, all unified under one easy-to-use mobile app.

integration sheet


BAP #17

Kevin DeMattio from InvictusXP joins the Big Access Podcast to talk about the PDK and InvictusXP integration.


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