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Access Control Meets Smart Design: ProdataKey and System Surveyor

PDK + System Surveyor in a construction site with products from PDK and System Surveyor

As the demand for security solutions grows and technology moves faster than ever, security professionals are working hard to deliver what businesses and organizations need to stay ahead. ProdataKey (PDK), an innovator of cloud-based access control products, and System Surveyor, a leading intuitive system design platform, are transforming how integrators plan and collaborate on projects to be as effective as ever.

access control and site surveyor
“For integrators, we want to help you sell more quickly and accurately. We want you to put a professional foot forward. We want to do what we do best. We want to partner with companies who do their core business really well. We provide the platform, PDK handles the device specifics,”

Tradd Kendrick, System Surveyor Senior Account Executive

ProdataKey and System Surveyor Integration

ProdataKey and System Surveyor are a perfect partnership. The integration allows users to import PDK’s complete catalog of access control solutions directly into System Surveyor’s software to plan systems from top to bottom. Drag and drop ProdataKey nodes, controllers, and readers into site planning—access complete product data sheets to quickly view detailed, up to date information and deliver the right solution to your customers.

System Surveyor on tablet showing Drag and Drop controls

Time & Cost Savings

The partnership allows integrators to calculate wire runs quickly, create bills of materials, and make accurate labor approximations- a considerable time and cost saver. Installers avoid onsite change orders and unexpected delays to get on-site fully prepared.

Professional Quotes

ProdataKey and System Surveyor are the future of how integrators deliver quotes and close sales. It’s paramount for customers to have a complete, visual understanding of the project when it comes down to decision-making time.

“We see a drastic improvement in close sales wins. You get the bid out quicker, and it is accurate. When you provide a complete proposal, customers gain complete confidence,”

Tradd Kendrick

Providing a comprehensive, professional quote branded with the integrator’s logo can mean the difference between losing and winning a bid.

System Surveyor on computer planning a new build


With the system and site information all under one roof, the integration streamlines the planning and maintenance process of projects, big and small. The mobile platform’s remote access and real-time feedback facilitate team and customer collaboration throughout the process, reducing the risk of errors during installation.

“With our product, you can invite guest users, or the different roles, including budget decision makers, into the platform at every step, from design to installation.”

Mindy Klement, Marketing Director at System Surveyor

Better Support and Maintenance

The integration simplifies the ongoing management and maintenance of systems. With all projects kept on System Surveyor’s platform as digital as-builts, integrators can view up-to-date system details before they get onsite.

PDK + System Surveyor

In the past, industry professionals relied on time-consuming, unsophisticated, and error-filled methods to build system layouts and proposals for clients. Thankfully, those days are over. The ProdataKey and System Surveyor integration is game-changing for integrators and customers alike, making site planning, implementation, and maintenance more effective than ever before.

Proven ROI with System Surveyor: Calculate yours here.

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About PDK:

ProdataKey is a leader in cloud-based, mobile-first access control software and hardware solutions. PDK’s expansive product portfolio caters to countless applications, from enterprises to educational facilities and more. With its focus on value, user-friendliness, and partner fanaticism, PDK has quickly established itself as a go-to provider in the industry.

About System Surveyor:

System Surveyor is a cloud-based, mobile technology platform that enhances how stakeholders design, implement, and manage security, IoT, and smart building systems. It provides a visual and collaborative way for stakeholders to map out their plans, including cameras, access control, and fire alarms, making them the platform of choice for security professionals.

integration sheet

Download System Surveyor Integration Sheet


Big Access Podcast about System Surveyor integration

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Tradd Kendrick from System Surveyor joins the Big Access Podcast to talk about the PDK and System Surveyor integration.

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