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PDK + Vigitron

The PoE power behind PDK

PoE has many advantages simplifying installation by providing for both power and data over a single cable. With Vigitron and PDK’s PoE++ Module Kit (PN: RMPOE), PoE power can be provided from remote locations eliminating the need to provide local power.

Vigitron Integration to PDK

plug n’ playpower

Power up to 4 amps with a Vigitron PoE++ power source and PDK’s PoE++ Module Kit (PN: RMPOE)

PoE Icon

save oncable runs

Run one strand of ethernet cable instead of a full bundle of access control wire

PDK Red Money Icon


Automatically discover any Red controller and bring it online with the push of a button

self discoverable icon
access Power

Schedule a demo to learn more about PDK and PoE using Vigitron

Recommended PoE Products:

PDK PoE Module Kit

PoE++ Module Kit

120W/56VDC Power Supply

120W/56VDC Power Supply

Network switch

Harden 4+2+2 Port Managed Network Switch

Schedule a call with Vigitron’s design center to learn more about the perfect solution:

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