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What is Access Control?

What is Access Control

Going back to basics with this blog post, what is access control? It seems like a simple concept to define, and in many ways it actually is, but its huge range of benefits and applications can often go overlooked. Access control is a fundamental element of security, and a rapidly growing industry. It can be described as the intentional ability to either allow or restrict access to a particular building, room, door, or drawer with the main goal of protecting life, property, and confidential information. One of the key elements of access control is the empowerment of business owners and administrators to effortlessly monitor and manage who, when, and under what conditions people are gaining access to keep facilities secure 24/7. Every day businesses and other facilities are choosing to upgrade their systems from the inconvenience of mechanical keys of the past to the robust security and ease of mobile access control systems.

protecting life property & information

So, How Does It Work?

Traditional keys are difficult to manage, easy to lose, and in a large facility with lots of different doors with specific keys, finding the correct one can be frustrating and time consuming- mobile access control eliminates all of that hassle. Beyond that, mechanical keys don’t leave an audit trail, making it impossible to track who and when are gaining access. Access control systems can improve the efficiency and functionality of businesses because of its reliability and user-friendliness. Managers and building administrators issue a credential to approved users that authorize access to certain doors and areas. Laura Reece, co-owner of A-TEC Security Systems, Inc. explains a key function of access control,

"Managers can view who’s coming and going in their facilities at any time. It enables them to define the areas they want their employees to have access to."

Laura Reece

Traditional keys to Mobile Credentials

From there, approved users present their credentials, and they’re in, just like that. ProdataKey offers a variety of credentials including key fobs, physical access cards, keypads, and the ProdataKey app. Access permissions can be managed remotely anytime, anywhere with the ProdataKey mobile interface. Administrators can remove credentials, issue new ones, unlock doors, and even program an automated locking schedule that controls what times doors can be accessed.

In today’s day and age, people have come to expect convenience, especially in the workplace. Access control makes workplaces smarter, more efficient, and more secure.

“The biggest thing is ease of use. Most of our customers immediately see, ‘wow, this is so easy’. So for the end-users themselves it makes things really simple,”

Mike Reece, co-owner of A-TEC Security Systems, Inc.

An access control solution brings peace of mind in the workplace environment with powerful 24/7 security while making access effortless.

ProdataKey App Red Reader

The Value of a Cloud-Based System

From simplified installations to automatic updates, cloud-based access control brings unquestionable value to any security system. Installers and dealers know that getting an access system up-and-running is no easy feat, it usually requires days of downtime and complicated configuration. With cloud-based systems, installations are streamlined. Technicians can configure controllers directly from their smartphone without the need for an onsite computer and server for programming. This solution makes the system incredibly scalable, meaning no matter how much a business or facility grows, adding more access points is seamless. Unlike traditional on-premise systems that require ongoing maintenance, cloud-based systems update automatically to make security enhancements and features readily available without the need for time consuming service calls. Mike Reece explains, “On the dealer side, the fact that we don’t have to roll a truck to update software is huge.” This industry is rapidly innovating, but customers and partners can trust in a system that is future-proof.

Office doors

Where does Access Control Work?

The wide-range of features, customizability, and robust management capabilities make an access control system the comprehensive security solution for an unlimited amount of versatile applications. So the answer is, just about anywhere! In particular, access control has been growing in sectors such as commercial, multi-tenant properties, education and health care. Cloud-based systems optimize processes, have the ability to grow with the business, and can integrate seamlessly with other systems like HR, surveillance and facilities management. Access control is becoming increasingly popular in school systems, where it is used to regulate which areas of the campus can be accessed by faculty, staff and students and when. It prevents unauthorized visitors from accessing the school while also providing administrators a simple way to monitor access and attendance with real-time updates.

Everyday more and more industries are in need of an access control solution. “For example, churches now have to use even more security than they had to have in the past,” says Mike Reece, “so we have several churches that we service.” Churches and other places of worship can benefit from these systems to ensure that their facilities remain secure while welcoming for the congregation. Cannabis facilities, too, are taking advantage of these systems because they are enabled to control access into highly-regulated areas.

“There are lots of areas that wouldn’t have typically used access control in the past. Systems are so easy to control, it makes it so much simpler than how it has traditionally been done.”

Mike Reece

Those who have decades of experience in the access control industry are seeing its constant evolution, but one thing is certain: the future of access control has limitless possibilities.

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