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Integrating PDK Access Control with Burglar Alarms

PDK +Burglar Alarms with PDK Products and an alarm

Businesses and organizations of all sizes always look for sophisticated solutions to safeguard their assets, employees, and information. One powerful way to upgrade security is by integrating access control systems with burglar alarms. ProdataKey (PDK), a leader in cloud-based access control, offers seamless integrations that deliver comprehensive security solutions. This article explores how combining access control and alarm panels can elevate any security infrastructure.

Integrating Access Control and Intrusion Alarms

ProdataKey (PDK) is an innovative cloud-based access control company that has pioneered mobile-first management and access. PDK systems are engineered to be user-friendly, scalable, and secure, making them a good choice for various applications, from schools, healthcare facilities, businesses, and manufacturers. ProdataKey’s cloud architecture enables access to system software anytime and anywhere, offering new flexibility to manage and monitor access.

Integrating ProdataKey access control systems with burglar alarms creates a cohesive and convenient security infrastructure for any application. The integration links communication between the access control system and the alarm panel for unified security management. The integration delivers a range of functionalities that make the day-to-day for staff and administrators secure and convenient.

Burglar Alarm being disarmed by presenting a mobile credential

Simplified Arming and Disarming

One of the primary benefits of integrating PDK access control with intrusion panels is the ability to automatically arm and disarm the alarm by presenting a valid access credential to a reader. This eliminates the need for users to manually operate the alarm panel or remember multiple codes. For example, when authorized users scan their keycard or mobile credential at a reader, the system can automatically disarm the burglar alarm. The system can be configured so that only specific personnel have permission to arm or disarm the system, like managers or staff who work early in the morning or late at night.

When a burglar alarm system is triggered, typically, the system is set up to contact a central station or law enforcement to respond. False alarm events are reasonably common with intrusion alarms that rely on manual pin entry at the panel, wasting critical police time and resources. Integrating PDK access control with burg systems reduces the chance of false alarms due to forgotten codes or not making it to the panel on time.

Enhanced Security

The integration also allows system administrators to monitor in real-time who has armed or disarmed the system. Traditionally, an organization will give each user a unique PIN code for the alarm panel, which can be challenging to manage. Or inaccurate if staff share codes. Some organizations even just give one general PIN to all personnel, which provides no reporting information. Integrating PDK with these systems eliminates the need for PIN codes and provides a detailed log of access, disarming, and arming events. Administrators and security personnel can quickly use this information to identify unauthorized or suspicious activities.

Robust Reporting From

Integrating the systems, instead of using them separately, can really maximize each system’s security capabilities. For example, the PDK platform can be configured so that when the intrusion alarm is triggered, the system automatically locks all other doors to prevent further unauthorized access. It can also initiate other actions like alerting security personnel and bookmarking video footage. These automated responses can deter potential intruders and minimize the impact of security breaches, especially if there is a delay in police arrival.

Don’t Forget DPS

Woman receiving a Forced Open Detected Alert

There is one crucial element critical to access control systems and intrusion detection: door position sensors. Door position sensors detect when a door is open or closed. The intrusion alarm will be triggered when a door is opened while in an armed state. Depending on the system, the system can’t function without this hardware. Regardless of whether the system is armed, it can also provide important information such as forced entries, access events, or door props. Implementing this hardware in all access control installations provides maximal benefits and can make intrusion alarm integration easier down the line.

PDK + Burglar Alarms

Integrating ProdataKey with burglar alarm systems offers a powerful solution for enhancing security and day-to-day efficiency. This combination is a no-brainer as it strengthens security and simplifies management across various industries. As security threats and technology evolve, integrating systems like this is key to ensuring safety and protecting assets.


PDK + Burglar Alarms sheet



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