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The Best Access Control for Medical Clinics

PDK for Medical Clinics in front of an urgent care

Medical clinics, ranging from dental offices to senior centers and mental health facilities, are a critical and highly sensitive component of our society. Ensuring their security isn’t just about protecting physical assets; it’s also about safeguarding patient data, controlling medications, and maintaining a safe environment for patients and staff. With the demands of the medical industry quickly evolving, traditional access control systems may fall short of providing the flexibility, efficiency, and strong security they require. Medical clinics nationwide have ditched other outdated platforms for ProdataKey (PDK), opting for an innovative solution to their unique challenges.

What is ProdataKey?

ProdataKey (PDK) is a leading cloud-based access control solution, delivering cutting-edge technologies that streamline and enhance security for organizations of all sizes. PDK systems are designed to be completely mobile-first, enabling convenient access and management through any smart device. ProdataKey prioritizes ease of use of scalability, making them a top choice for a range of vertical markets.

Adaptable Security Management with doctor

Cloud-Based Access Control: Ease and Flexibility

The architecture of ProdataKey (PDK) access control solutions is centered around the cloud, enabling flexible system management on any web-connected device. The power to manage and make changes to the system remotely without being bound by an on-premise server is critical for medical settings. These facilities often have dynamic schedules and rotating staff, which can pose a significant burden for security management. ProdataKey’s management experience, available through a web browser or ProdataKey mobile app, is as straightforward as it gets. Issue, customize, and revoke access anytime, anywhere, without having to reprogram the entire system.

“The ability to have access to the system from any device is really big, and we’re seeing that across the board on all of the platforms that we install,”

Matthew Smith, owner of Alliance Communication Technologies, a trusted low voltage integrator specializing in surveillance, access control, and fire alarm services. With PDK, system administrators can efficiently manage permissions, create schedules, remotely unlock doors, and more, even while off-site. Moreover, with mobile credentials, management can instantly issue access to staff, vendors, and other personnel.

Custom Permissions and Groups

Medical clinics often deal with varying individuals moving in and out, from cleaning teams to vendors to rotating staff. ProdataKey’s group feature allows administrators to easily give each set of individuals specific access permissions, defining the areas they can access and during what time periods.

“The groups are very, very easy to use, way easier to use than the majority of access control systems out there,”

Matthew Smith

Instead of having to configure the settings for every individual, they are simply added to their specific group with the appropriate access level.

Safeguard Access, with an image of Prescription Drugs

ProdataKey can be installed to secure specific areas within a medical facility, such as exam rooms, medication storage, equipment rooms, and other sensitive areas. Access control plays a critical role in ensuring that staff members only have access to the areas relevant to their position and keeps out those who don’t. With PDK, system administrators can create distinct user groups based on the staff role to safeguard access to sensitive areas, especially those that store powerful narcotics or patient information. Creating groups allows staff to move seamlessly in and out of authorized areas, minimizes security risks, and contributes to an overall safer environment.

Audit Trails and Reporting for Compliance

Compliance with regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is paramount for medical facilities. According to the HIPPA Privacy and Security Rules, every healthcare provider, regardless of the size of the practice, must detect and safeguard against anticipated threats to the security of patient health information. Beyond physical security, ProdataKey helps facilities ensure patient confidentiality with its robust reporting. Administrators can quickly find detailed insights into who accessed sensitive areas and when to validate compliance with regulations and prevent breaches.

the Reports feature help you stay HIPPA compliant

Medical clinics also house other valuable items that are high-risk targets for theft.

“Clinics have so many different types of medicines, narcotics, and medical devices that they need to be able to keep track of, and a full-ranging access control system like PDK really allows them to accomplish that,”

Matthew Smith

Because of the system’s cloud architecture, managers can instantly pull up audit trails from any device, helping facilities detect suspicious activity in real time or aid later investigations.

PDKio's Open Api

3rd-Party Integrations

PDK’s Open API and Mobile SDK enable integrations with 3rd-party platforms, including video management systems, intrusion alarms, and HR solutions to maximize security and optimize operations. Alliance Communication Technologies often ties in PDK with intrusion systems “so that when the person with the correct credentials opens up in the morning, they also automatically disarm the system. So, they have multiple means of security, but also ease of access,” Smith explained. Moreover, integrations with time and attendance systems streamline employee management, easing administrative burdens for smaller facilities.

ProdataKey cloud access control systems deliver a tailored solution to the unique security challenges faced by medical clinics. By offering cloud-based flexibility, customizable access permissions, auditing capabilities, and seamless integrations, PDK not only boosts security but also promotes efficiency and regulatory compliance. As medical facilities face evolving challenges, partnering with PDK is a key step toward ensuring a safe and secure environment for patients and staff alike.


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