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Why ProdataKey is a Top Access Solution for Gyms

PDK for Gym management inside a modern gym

In recent years, there has been a notable surge across the globe in people prioritizing fitness and wellness. This cultural shift has been reflected in the growing number of gyms and fitness centers opening across cities, big and small. Whether a single-location yoga studio or a massive chain of state-of-the-art gyms, cloud-based access control increasingly plays a pivotal role in the management of these facilities. ProdataKey (PDK) is a stand-out solution offering a cost-effective and efficient choice for gym owners.

ProdataKey app is Secure, Convenient, and cost-effective

How ProdataKey Drives Cost Savings

PDK is a completely mobile-first access control platform, meaning everything from initial configuration to system management and access is done through the ProdataKey mobile app or web browser. Mobile and Bluetooth credentials through the mobile app are a secure, convenient, and cost-effective way for gym management and members to access their facilities that eliminate outdated mechanical key systems. Users simply tap a button or scan their phone at a reader to unlock any door. Gym owners no longer have to deal with the extra costs associated with rekeying locks or replacing lost keycards or fobs, which can save hundreds to thousands of dollars year after year.

A fundamental difference between ProdataKey and other access control manufacturers is the pricing model. Other systems often burden gym owners with extensive licensing fees for mobile credentials. “Often economic models serve the needs of whoever made them to make lots of money, but it doesn’t really work for the end-user. PDK chose a path forward that is very cost-effective,” said Ted Dzogan, Owner of Summus, a Canada-based security integration company with over two decades of experience.

Per Reader VS Per User

While other platforms bill per credential, PDK charges on a per-reader or access point basis. Meaning, one door could have unlimited mobile credentials enabled at no extra cost.

“PDK’s model is better aligned with the needs of a gym,”

Ted Dzogan

This distinction translates into significant cost savings for gyms by switching to PDK, especially those with a high number of members. The affordability of ProdataKey positions it as a top choice for gyms looking to implement mobile credentials without breaking the bank.

Streamlining Day-to-Day Operations

Beyond cost savings, ProdataKey addresses specific challenges that come with fitness center management. Gyms often have high staff and member turnover rates, which can complicate access management. Other legacy systems require on-site programming and extensive staff training. On the other hand, with PDK’s cloud-based platform, gym staff can manage user access and permissions from anywhere.

“PDK is a cloud management suite that is all done remotely. So, an owner who’s not even on-site can actually manage several hundred users from wherever they are whenever they need to,”

Ted Dzogan

Disabling a mobile credential remotely through the ProdataKey app

PDK brings flexibility and convenience to gym management, allowing owners to focus on core operations without being bogged down with administrative headaches. Owners can manage and monitor their systems entirely via their smartphones, especially useful for multi-location gyms or for owners always on the go. When a new member signs up, management can instantly issue them their mobile or BLE credentials day or night. On the other hand, if a customer cancels their membership or misses their payments, management can immediately disable their access without having to recoup their key. With PDK, owners don’t have to worry about unauthorized people gaining access to their facilities and compromising other members.

Another way PDK benefits fitness centers, especially for those that need 24/7 secured access, is remote unlocking. If a new customer wants to check out the facility outside of the hours that staff would normally be on-site, management can unlock a door for them from the ProdataKey app. Dzogan explains how one of his customers uses the feature. Owners can “coordinate a tour with a prospective member, speak with them on the phone, let them in, watch them through their video system, guide them through the place, and still not be on-site.” PDK’s mobile capabilities not only upgrade business operations but also give customers a better, more convenient experience.

Grant Access to Special Amenities

Customizable Permissions

PDK is a secure, reliable access control system that ensures that only authorized users can access the facility or even areas within the facility. With ProdataKey, management can assign specific access permissions to every user across multiple sites quickly and easily by creating user groups. For example, a group of management staff can access every door at every hour, whereas maintenance staff may only have access during their scheduled hours. For gyms with special amenities like sauna rooms, pools, or tanning beds, gyms can grant specific access to those users with premium memberships.

As gyms and fitness centers upgrade their technologies and lean into sophisticated security systems, cloud-based platforms like PDK are setting a new standard for access and management. With its cost-effective model, mobile capabilities, and customizable features, ProdataKey has the potential to reshape how gym owners manage their facilities. As the fitness industry evolves, PDK is a standout solution that not only optimizes the day-to-day and boosts security but gives customers an unparalleled membership experience.


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