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How the Cannabis Industry Cultivates Security with PDK

PDK for Cannabis Facilities with Hemp Plant

In the ever-evolving cannabis industry, security isn’t just a preference; it’s a necessity. With strict regulations and the industry’s inherent risks, cannabis operations need robust security measures to ensure compliance and protect their assets. Among the many solutions on the market, ProdataKey (PDK) is a leader in providing comprehensive security systems tailored to the unique needs of the cannabis sector.

Run Reports anytime, anywhere, any device with the ProdataKey App

Understanding the Industry’s Needs

ProdataKey plays a crucial role in the security and management of cannabis operations. The cannabis industry is changing rapidly, with states across the U.S. passing legislation for both recreational and medical use. These facilities face various challenges, from regulatory compliance to quality control to preventing theft.

Many businesses within the cannabis industry are multi-state organizations (MSOs) with remote or traveling management teams. With the legalization of cannabis changing so quickly, many MSOs face varying state regulations. The state of Missouri, for example, requires cannabis operators to keep comprehensive records. Organizations are typically given a very brief time window to present audits to regulators. “The speed and ease of pulling up reports is very important to them,” says Rob Craig, System Solutions Engineer and Project Manager at Birkel Electric. These organizations need a unified, efficient process for ensuring compliance and managing facilities nationwide.

Many cannabis operations are for medical-grade cannabis. The medical nature of the industry means that organizations are legally responsible for controlling and securing every area of their facilities.

“Security is more than just about keeping people out. For a lot of these facilities to maintain that medical listing, they have to secure up to a standard,”

Rob Craig, System Solutions Engineer and Project Manager at Birkel Electric

From seed to clone to processing, cannabis facilities must control every step of the cultivation process to prevent cross-contamination and ensure quality control.

The illicit value of the cannabis industry makes facilities a significant target for diversion and theft. Cannabis facilities need to prioritize robust security measures to safeguard their operations. “Whether it be a manufacturer or processor, they could face liability and prosecution from the wrongdoings or mistakes of the people they employ,” explains Craig. Facilities could be held responsible if products are misplaced, stolen, or sold illegally.

ProdataKey Reporting

One of the standout features of PDK is its advanced reporting capabilities. In most states, facilities need to keep detailed logs for up to a year or more. With PDK’s cloud system, cannabis operators, even those with multiple sites, can generate extensive reports across facilities with ease.

“There’s no downtime, no processing time, which is a big deal to them,”

Rob Craig

3 Different Report Types: People, Credentials, and Events

Facility managers and remote administrative teams can view reports for every location at any given moment, whether on the ProdataKey mobile app or desktop browser. This level of real-time access to information is critical for multi-state operations to maintain compliance.

Many state regulations require cannabis operators to not only track access activity but everything to do with the system. PDK systems reliably track access, from entry to exits to other events like forced opens or power issues, providing comprehensive insight into facility operations. Though the PDK platform offers robust features, it maintains its ease of use. Teams can filter through reports to quickly find relevant information by people, credentials, or events.

VMS Integration on

Not only is extensive reporting essential to regulatory laws, but it also heightens security and can aid in investigations, especially when combined with video surveillance. If an incident were ever to occur, operations have the documentation to see who and when accessed certain areas. PDK and VMS integrations provide instant visual snapshots of every event, confirming that the person of interest wasn’t using someone else’s credential or pin. This dual-verification maximizes accountability for facilities.

As the cannabis industry grows, so will their security demands. PDK’s advanced cloud platform and reporting capabilities address the unique challenges and regulatory requirements faced by these operations. Investing in a comprehensive security solution like ProdataKey ensures quality and compliance and mitigates security risks for cannabis facilities.


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