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PDK + Altronix

power& accessconsolidation

PDK has teamed up with Altronix to build an all-in-one enclosure designed to reduce the amount of space taken on a wall by your systems. Consolidate your access and power into one easy to access enclosure.

Altronix Trove Trove

up to 32doors

The Trove provides a customizable backplate, allowing you to fit up to six PDK Red expander boards.

icon 32 doors


Two onboard power supplies to completely power your PDK expander boards and electrified hardware.

icon power

power distributionmodule

Separate power from the supply before it hits the PDK board, creating an additional safety measure.

icon power distribution
Access & Power Title

Schedule a demo to learn more about
PDK and Altronix power consolidation

Schedule a call with Altronix
to learn more about access and power consolidation

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