PDK + Altronix: Better Together

Provide up to 16 doors of access and power from one enclosure thanks to PDK’s integration with Altronix. The Trove simplifies your install with complete access and power consolidation.

16 Doors.

The Altronix Trove 1 features a PDK backplane, delivering space for two PDK eight io expander boards in one enclosure, providing control for up to 16 openings.

Power Management.

In addition to two PDK eight io expander access control boards, the Altronix Trove 1 features space for two built-in power supplies and backup batteries.

Anytime, anywhere.

Powered by pdk.io, the only true cloud access solution. Take advantage of real-time updates, cloud backup, 24-hour support, and more.*

*Subscription required

The only true cloud access solution

Anytime, anywhere, any device

Mobile setup and configuration
Real-time system management & updates

Instant email & Text Alerts

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Eight io

With the ability to control up to 8 doors or 10 elevator floors, the eight io is the perfect solution for system takeovers.

Touch io Bluetooth Reader

The touch mobile app allows you to use your smart device to remotely unlock any door you’ve been granted access to through pdk.io

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