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Enterprise Security Top 10 Access Control Solution Provider 2021

Access control keycards or fobs have long been used to control people’s access into different designated areas of a building. However, from a cost perspective, providing physical cards to a huge employee base is not any longer a feasible option for businesses. The task of assigning or revoking user credentials is also complex with traditional access control cards—ultimately creating administrative inconvenience. To this end, mobile credentialing has become a game-changer. The mobile-first approach eliminates the administrative burden by allowing unlimited credentialing without the need to maintain spreadsheets. More importantly, it enables businesses to save a considerable amount while ensuring an optimum user experience.

A leader in offering mobile access control solutions is ProdataKey.

Founded in 2011, ProdataKey is driven by the mission to redefine the future of access control.

Jeff Perri

“We bridge the gap between the way people manage home environments and commercial environments by undertaking a mobile-first approach,” states Jeff Perri, founder and CMO at ProdataKey. To this end, the company has designed its cloud based, fully integrated platform that delivers maximum security, real-time updates, and 24/7 access control, all from a single app. “With ProdataKey, clients get 100 percent functionality, both as integrators and administrators. They can streamline end-user access and management by making access control easy to use and cost-effective. We allow clients to control the system anywhere, anytime, and on any device,” Perri adds. Further, pdk’s open API enables clients to integrate their access control system with many several third-party platforms. This plays a vital role in enhancing the end-user experience. For example, for one of its clients in the assisted living space, pdk enabled seamless control of wireless locksets owing to its integration capability with Assa Abloy Aperio.

Going beyond legacy access control methodologies, ProdataKey’s mobile-first approach allows clients to add, change, delete, and manage their systems with phones as credentials. “More than 80 percent of employees interact daily with access control systems. That’s why we have made this process as seamless as possible. We’re one of the only access platforms that offer credentials directly from our interface,” Perri continues. “If clients want to issue a credential to a user or provide mobile credential to multiple users, they can directly do it from So, there is no need to go to an HR to get a credential and have it provisioned.”

Being a partner-centric organization, ProdataKey places significant emphasis on its onboarding process. The company’s team is focused on building and developing long standing relationships with its partners. They conduct several meetings with clients to understand their specific needs and conduct internal discussions. Also, ProdataKey’s high NPS score adds more value to its reputation as it presents an accurate picture of positive customer experience and business growth. “Customer feedback and input really define virtually everything we do, which is based on a two-way partnership. We go beyond just developing products to maintaining healthy interactions with our dealer base,” adds Perri. “Also, we are one of the few companies that provide 24/7 support to certified dealers.”

As more and more companies seek streamlined access control solutions, ProdataKey has established itself as one of the only access platforms that offer credentials directly from its interface. “We are all about developing a truly personal relationship with clients and ensuring we are doing what’s right for them. We already have the technology in place and it is only about doing everything right to offer complete access control,” concludes Perri.


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