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PDK Awarded Best Sales Support by ADI 2023

Best Sales Support Award ADI Supplier Awards 2023

February 21, 2024— ADI Global Distribution, a leading security and low-voltage distributor, recently announced the recipients of its 2023 Supplier Awards, and ProdataKey (PDK) clinched the Best Sales Support- U.S. award. PDK is proud to accept this award as it highlights the company’s commitment to customers and reflects the quality of its team members.

The ADI Supplier Awards are prestigious in the security and technology industry. ADI partners with over 700 leading suppliers, and every year, they recognize the companies that demonstrate outstanding performance in several categories, including Operations, Marketing Support, and New Product of the Year.  

ProdataKey ADI Supplier Awards 2023

The 2023 ADI Best Sales Support Award is a monumental win for ProdataKey, as the company ProdataKey has always prioritized the growth and success of all its distribution partners.

“Sales support is everything for us,”

said Tanner Bengtzen, ProdataKey Distribution Channel Manager, “We see ADI as an extension of our own sales force, so we try to enable them to have the knowledge and understanding of PDK as well as the tools needed to assist our mutual partners.” 

PDK takes a personal, comprehensive approach to sales support, placing partnership at the center of all their operations. Fostering personal relationships and gathering feedback has been crucial for PDK’s sales support. Every month, Bengtzen meets with all of ProdataKey’s major distributors to analyze the company’s effectiveness, discuss future projects, and adjust as needed.

“I think we truly care about those we work with and value them as people first before seeing them as a distributor. We try to emit that culture with everyone we work with,”

said Bengtzen.

ProdataKey’s number one core value is partner fanaticism. PDK’s sales support is reflected through several channels, each working together toward one mutual goal: company and partner success. The unity of PDK’s Regional and Inside Sales Teams, company rep firms, educational training, marketing, product development team, and award-winning tech support contributed instrumentally to PDK’s winning this award. 

Best Sales Support Award 2023

Winning the 2023 ADI Best Sales and Support award is an honor for ProdataKey. The recognition not only reinforces the company’s position as a leader in the market but also sets a benchmark for further improvement. “I think that this is the new bar, and this is the new foundation of what we need to have for all of our distributors,” Bengtzen explained. 

ProdataKey is thankful and proud to be recognized by ADI Global Distribution and looks forward to their continued partnership. “Even just being nominated among the other four manufacturers, I was elated. And then to actually win the award was probably one the most exciting moments of my career,” said Bengtzen. As the security and technology landscape evolves, ProdataKey will stay true to its partner-centric approach, setting a new standard in the industry.


PDK Best Sales Support Sheet


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Listen in to the conversation with Garrett Savage and Tanner Bengtzen as we talk about why PDK won the Best Sales Support 2023.


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