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Auxiliary Controller

PDK’s Aux 8 controller is an easy-to-install input/output board built to handle any auxiliary devices for your system. Built with PDK Red technology, the Aux 8 has built-in Ethernet connectivity and self-discovery to simplify ip configuration and functionality. In addition, wireless and PoE + + communication is available with the PDK wireless or PoE + + module kits.

Part Number: A8

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Monitor and report on any device tied into the Aux 8 controller- such as door position sensors, push buttons, or motion devices.

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The onboard relays allow for system event triggers- such as elevator floor access, arming and disarming alarm panels, and control of HVAC systems.

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Create specific access and permission rules with custom triggers for each elevator floor.


Plug-n-play connection options are available with the PDK Red Wireless & PoE++ kits.


Simply plug the wireless module into the Red Aux 8 board, and it's ready to go.

Data Sheet


Plug and play option for advanced PoE++ technology.

Data Sheet

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Red Module Kits
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The only true cloud access solution

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