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ProdataKey Launches the Red 2 Controller and Red Readers As Part of Its New High-Security Line

ProdataKey (PDK), manufacturer of the leading cloud access control platform built for mobile, today announced the release of its new Red 2 Controller, Red Readers, and Red High-Security Credentials, all components of its new high-security, line of hardware called PDK Red. The Red lineup represents a new class of OSDP-compliant, multi-technology readers, controllers, and credentialing options appropriate for both daily installs and the most demanding security applications. Red 2 and the Red Readers are powered by PDK’s pdk io mobile-first, true cloud access control solution, bringing together the industry’s most convenient access control experience with premium levels of security and performance.

The new Red Readers support Red 13.56 MHz High-Security smart credentials, 125 kHz Proximity cards, and mobile access options. OSDP and Weigand protocols are supported. The devices may be used indoors and outdoors, and accommodate multiple technologies within a single unit. Mullion, Keypad, and Single Gang form factors are available. Red Readers are enabled for secure channel and remote firmware upgrades and autodetect.

Red 2 is a two-door controller that includes built-in Ethernet connectivity and self-discovery, simplifying IP configuration and functionality. It is equipped with OSDP functionality, an onboard power supply, and a fully supervised power circuit that monitors input, output, battery voltage, and overall controller health. Both readers and the Red2 controller are appropriate for new installations, retrofits, or expansions of existing PDK systems.

Red High-Security Credentials are available as 13.56 MHz smart cards or smart fobs. Smart credentials contain a computer chip programmed with personal information about the cardholder and permissions for where they can enter. In addition to providing more secure physical access control, they can be programmed to control logical access to corporate IT networks. The Red High-Security credentials feature 8K of memory and can be read from a distance of up to 3” for printable cards and mag stripe cards, up to 1” for key fobs.

Jeff Perri, President and COO of ProdataKey, says, “Access control is the security platform used more than any other part of a building’s framework, and our new Red line is in a class of its own, in terms of a physical security product. From design through development, we’ve worked to deliver a solution offering usability and performance beyond compare. As demand for access control continues to expand, the security and functionality delivered by our Red Readers, Red 2 Controller, and Red High-Security Credentials combined with the anytime, anywhere, any device convenience of our Pdk io platform gives PDK integrators an edge within a very competitive marketplace.”

A streaming version of PDK’s live Red Launch is available on-demand at

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