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ProdataKey & Invictus Integration Creates an All-in-One Community Management and Security Ecosystem

Draper, UT and Los Angeles, CA: ProdataKey (PDK), manufacturer of the leading cloud access control platform built for mobile, and InvictusXP, developer of a community technology platform for residents and building managers, have joined forces to create an all-in-one mobile solution for multi-tenant properties. Residents, guests, and visitors can now interact with PDK access control readers throughout their buildings using the same Invictus mobile app that they use for community notifications, virtual concierge services, visitor video intercom communications, and other technology-aided lifestyle conveniences. PDK mobile credentials within the Invictus app will permit the unlocking of building entrances and doors to common spaces, including parking garages, clubhouses, playrooms, fitness centers, pools, mailrooms, laundry, and other secure areas.

When residents move in, building managers will register them within the ProdataKey system. Permissions are set based upon each resident’s access needs. These will be determined by unit location, parking privileges, and other factors. Once that occurs, synchronization between the ProdataKey and InvictusXP databases makes the Invictus interface the only app necessary. In addition to mobile credentials, residents will receive a randomly-generated 4-digit PIN code for PDK PIN readers, which they can change to a code of their choice. When residents move out, access control credentials are deactivated along with their Invictus user log-in.

Through the Invictus app, residents can unlock doors for visitors remotely. They can also issue temporary credentials to their guests, granting them access permissions that match their own. For example, this feature allows adult children visiting their parents to use their phones to enter and move about the building during their stay. Residents can set an expiration date for the temporary passes they have issued. Temporary passes will automatically time out after one week, but are easily renewed through the Invictus app. For security monitoring, activity logs document all PDK reader events initiated by residents and their guests.

“PDK’s open API gives dealers the ability to offer customers the convenience of access control nestled seamlessly within other applications, and our integration with InvictusXP is a prime example, as it simplifies, centralizes, and enhances the user experience throughout multi-tenant properties. Through a single interface, residents and system administrators can control security, scheduling, community postings, and more. At the same time, the integration offers synergistic capabilities not possible through either the stand-alone solution,”

Brach Bengtzen, Director of Marketing at ProdataKey, explained. “We anticipate incredible excitement and demand from dealers who cater to the multi-tenant residential market.”

“Anytime you can centralize functionality into a single pane of glass for the end-user and manager it’s a win! We are proud to be partnering with PDK and their amazing technology. We are going to put the power back in the hands of their dynamic channel consultants and installers,”

Kevin DeMattio, CEO of InvictusXP, insisted.

“We know there is great value in this combined solution for all of Multifamily, Student-Living, and co-working because there are so many moving parts to their ecosystem.”

The PDK/Invictus integration is now available.

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About PDK

ProdataKey (PDK) is a leading innovator of networked cloud-based access control products and services. The company’s mobile-first PDK io cloud platform allows for complete system management and control through any web-connected device, anywhere, anytime. With thousands of systems managing tens of thousands of doors for a quickly expanding base of loyal customers throughout North America and beyond, PDK delivers an unparalleled user experience as well as the highest levels of security, safety, and data privacy.

About Invictus

InvictusXP (Invictus) is an innovative leader in lifestyle technologies. The Invictus Lifestyle System is the only HD Video Intercom system in the world that provides a truly interactive guided experience through industrial intercoms with high processing power. This cloud-based platform integrates end-to-end with industry best-in-class products throughout the world to create fluid efficiency into everyday life. Increasing safety, convenience, and savings for all. For more information on the Lifestyle Smart System, visit


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