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New QR Reader from ProdataKey Allows Temporary Access to Holders of QR and Bar-Coded Tickets Passes

ProdataKey (PDK), manufacturer of the leading cloud access control platform built for mobile, has introduced a new QR Reader that offers contactless QR and bar-code scanning as part of a PDK access control solution. The device is ideal for use at stadiums, theaters, fitness centers, hotels, convention centers, multi-tenant properties, and other facilities where temporary access to restricted areas is permitted to an ever-changing group of ticketholders or guests. For example, general admission tickets presented to enter concerts, sporting events, or trade shows can also be used by select ticketholders to gain entrance to exclusive areas such as luxury boxes, hospitality suites, and private meeting rooms. Fitness centers can offer mobile guest passes to allow non-members to enter the facility for a limited trial period or for a single visit. Apartment dwellers can provide temporary passes to visitors, allowing them to bypass the intercom system when entering the property, or to use the pool, clubhouse, or gated parking area.

PDK’s API allows QR and bar-codes created by third-party systems to be managed within PDK’s platform, extending the use of those solutions to physical access applications. Pre-event or guest visit, system administrators enter approved QR or bar-codes into the PDK management software, individually or importing them en masse, granting holders temporary access to designated doorways, gates, or turnstiles for a desired period of time. The QR Reader allows the same guest passes or special VIP tickets presented to a security guard to also be used for electronic access to designated areas.

Proximity cards and PIN codes can also activate the QR Readers, allowing authorized staff and vendors to use the same security credentials they use elsewhere in the building. Hospitality workers, cleaning crews, security personnel, and other employees with permissions can freely enter areas secured by the QR reader.

The QR Reader is designed for installation indoors and outdoors. It features rugged construction, a backlit keypad, and an IP65 environmental protection rating. For added security, the device can be configured for two-factor authentication.

“Despite the ubiquity of electronic access control solutions in today’s entertainment, sports, and hospitality venues, until now, facility management could not leverage that technology to control access of ticketholders and guests,” said Jeffery Perri, PDK Founder CMO. “PDK’s new QR Reader bridges the gap, extending the same high level of security and ease of system management to secure areas used temporarily by select guests and event attendees. Site management will value the enhanced value of their QR and bar-code generation technology, the added flexibility of their access control system, and the reduced expense associated with hiring fewer human security officers.”

PDK is now accepting orders for the QR Reader, which is available for immediate shipment. Learn more by visiting

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