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Industry Insights from the PDK Sales Team

PDK Industry Insights

Access control is a critical component of modern security systems, and like all technologies, it’s changing rapidly. We spoke with the ProdataKey (PDK) sales team to gain insights into the industry’s challenges and growing opportunities. They shed light on why some customers are hesitant to embrace cloud-based solutions over on-premise systems, strategies to overcome these concerns, and the evolution of credential and integration technology. We also dive into the current state of access control and the industry’s booming potential.

Embracing the Cloud: Overcoming the Skepticism

Cloud-based access control solutions offer significant advantages, but not all customers are quick to adopt them. While many are much more receptive to the cloud than they were even a few years ago, the change is scary for many dealers, who find themselves more comfortable with on-premise systems. One significant barrier is the perceived lack of data security on the cloud.

PDK offers support to educate dealers and customers. Mike “JR” Andrews explains, “In these instances, the PDK.IO Security White Paper is a great resource. The documentation is designed to provide potential clients and customers with a general understanding of security domains, authentication, cloud infrastructure, transport security, VPN, and storage” (contact your Regional Sales Director for more info). The documentation reassures customers that with PDK’s cloud services, they can trust their data stays secure.

Embrace the Cloud with Cloud Icon

Some clients are hesitant due to a lack of knowledge or sales concerns about cloud offerings. Marshall Burton says, “The response is always the same, highlighting the additional features they receive with a Cloud-Based system and all of the benefits. Less truck rolls because they can analyze the system from wherever they are, a system that is always up to date with the latest and greatest security. Convincing the dealer that RMR is a blessing and not a burden is the easiest way. Who doesn't want a steady income?”

One more convincing point for customers who want to avoid paying annual fees is that the cloud hosting is SaaS (Software as a Service), a 100% tax write-off on corporate taxes.

Addressing Budget Concerns: Tips for Selling PDK

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Access control can be cost-prohibitive for some clients. To overcome budget constraints, PDK offers flexible solutions. “There are a number of ways to work within the customer’s parameters to help them accomplish the goal of providing a safe(er) environment for people and assets. Prodatakey offers a myriad of door controllers to precisely fit the customer’s current needs or provide them with expandability beyond the initial deployment,” says Mike “JR” Andrews. Additionally, strategically installing PDK controllers can save hundreds in the cabling infrastructure.

ProdataKey emphasizes convenience and added value in all of its systems. Mike Brimmer points out,

“The biggest selling point for PDK is our ease of use. When we show an end-user how easy it is and that they can use their phone or get to the software from any device, they love it.”

Mike Brimmer, Regional Sales Director at PDK

Future Integrations and Technologies

As security technologies become increasingly sophisticated and the market continues to be fast-evolving, integration between access control and the surrounding security system is absolutely critical. VMS and access control integration are expected to be the most important. Paul deLaski explains how leveraging the two enhances the overall system’s security: “Using cameras to confirm that the proper user entered the door is critical.”

PDKio API 3rd Party Integrations

With the importance of smart building ecosystems growing, many organizations are eager to take advantage of the newfound business solutions that modern access control systems can offer. JR explains, “Customers managing large databases of employees and multiple properties are looking for business process integration to improve efficiency in managing and maintaining the safety and security of employees, visitors, and assets.” An access control system’s ability to integrate with the business’s existing processes, such as HR and visitor management, is and will continue to be a determining factor, especially for large enterprises.

It’s no secret that the industry is moving from physical credentials to mobile options. Currently, PDK offers mobile and BLE credentials to boost security and convenience at an extremely competitive price. The industry also sees a rise in potential for NFC credentials, especially for ultra-high-security applications, but at a price. Scott Nelson explains, “For cost-conscious end users with high turnover, they may not be willing to sacrifice cost for convenience. There is definitely a growth opportunity for using NFC and for dealers to take advantage of some potential revenue increases. Still, we won’t see the same adoption rate for NFC as we are currently seeing for BLE.”

Access Control’s Big Potential

The industry is experiencing rapid growth, especially in the cloud-based sector. New vertical markets more and more see the need for controlled access- notably cannabis facilities, multifamily residents, and education. In the post-pandemic era, the popularity of co-working modalities coupled with the appeal of smartphone-driven access indicates a bright future for access control technology. Paul deLaski points out, “Cloud-based access control is accepted by the workforce as it never was before. The "cool-factor" of Bluetooth is growing every day. People want to use their phones for everything, and if they can unlock a door by simply presenting their phone, they love that. Accordingly, the growth potential is in young, entrepreneurial, tech-focused companies.”

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Insights from the ProdataKey sales team sheds light on the evolving landscape of access control and the promising future of cloud-based, mobile-first solutions. As the industry continues to expand, PDK is at the forefront, offering the knowledge and support for success while delivering the innovative solutions to move with times.


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