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Security & Convenience Wrapped Into One

With an optional built-in reader, the pedestal io is the most versatile outdoor controller on the market. Robust and weatherproof, the stainless-steel housing delivers a heavy-duty enclosure with a visually appealing design.

Part Numbers:

Wireless Yellow.png
Network Yellow.png
Wireless Yellow.png
Network Yellow.png

Wireless with Reader: PCW

Ethernet with Reader: PCE

Wireless without Reader: PCWB

Ethernet without Reader: PCEB


Stylish yet Secure.

The pedestal io features a visually appealing yet robust stainless-steel enclosure that protects the controller against weather and vandalism.


Built for Convenience.

Mountable to goose-necks or walls, and equipped with an optional ruggedized reader, the pedestal io is an adaptable controller built for convenience.

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Anytime, anywhere.

Powered by, the only true cloud access solution. Take advantage of real-time updates, cloud backup, 24-hour support, and more.*

*Subscription required

pdkio Connetion - PIO.png

The only true cloud access solution

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Arrow Bullet 02.png
Arrow Bullet 02.png
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Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Mobile Setup and Configuration

Real-Time System Management & Updates

Instant Email & Text Alerts

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Single io

With the option of Network, PoE, or wireless connectivity, the single io is the most flexible controller on the market. 

Rugged Reader.png

Single-Gang Ruggedized Reader

The rugged reader is a next-generation PIN and prox card reader and features a sleek design, aluminum case, and touch keypad.

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