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Sleek. Sturdy. Secure.

The gate io comes in a sturdy, weatherproof enclosure, perfect for all outdoor openings exposed to the elements such as gates and garages.

Part Numbers:

Network Yellow.png
PoE Yellow.png
Wireless Yellow.png

Wireless: GCW

Network: GCE


GIO Perspective Left.png
Weatherproof icon.png


Housed in a NEMA 4X rated enclosure, the gate io is protected against windblown dust, rain, ice, and corrosion, giving you peace of mind in outdoor applications

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Flexible Configuration.

Gate io seamlessly connects to other PDK controllers to create a fully compatible, self-healing network that meets all your application needs.

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Anytime, anywhere.

Powered by, the only true cloud access solution. Take advantage of real-time updates, cloud backup, 24-hour support, and more.*

*Subscription required

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The only true cloud access solution

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Arrow Bullet 02.png
Arrow Bullet 02.png
Arrow Bullet 02.png

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Mobile Setup and Configuration

Real-Time System Management & Updates

Instant Email & Text Alerts

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