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PDKio Beta with PDKio on laptop

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ProdataKey is launching an exciting new software release, 2.0, packed with features ready to upgrade your experience with PDK systems. ProdataKey invites all integrators to test the beta version of 2.0 before it is fully available to new customers in late January 2024. PDK recommends installing a demo system on the beta software to explore the unique benefits and familiarize yourself with the features. We recommend against installing the beta software for a customer at this time. Find the instructions below.

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What's New 2.0 is new but maintains the same user-friendly, intuitive experience customers love about PDK. If you already have experience with the platform, upgrading to the latest version will not require re-training. While the user experience will feel familiar, the rich features will make installing and servicing customers even better. 2.0 stores People databases, Groups, Rules, Schedules, and all hardware configurations on the cloud rather than the Cloud Node. This fundamental architectural change from 1.0 enables the system to share settings and programming across multiple locations (Cloud Nodes).

Participating in the public beta will give you a preview of what the new experience has to offer—Multi-Site Readiness, Early Configuration, Extended Management, and System and Health Insights.

Multi-site Ready on PDKio communicates with multiple cloud nodes

Multi-Site Ready

With the release of 2.0, PDK systems can scale from a single location to multiple sites under one customer account. A unified People database, Groups, Rules, and Schedules can be assigned to various cloud nodes and thousands of devices, delivering a streamlined management experience for organizations with multiple locations.

Extended management with PDKio

Early Configuration

Integrators can begin configuring a PDK system, even before connecting the Cloud Node to the network. Assign permissions, people, and groups to the system at any time, and the settings will sync automatically as soon as you install the hardware for speedy installations.

Extended Management

With 2.0, users can make system changes and run reports even if the cloud node temporarily disconnects from the network. View the precise time-stamp for when the devices were last seen; the latest changes will automatically update when the devices come back online.

System and Health Dashboard

Integrators enjoy enhanced visibility into the status and health of PDK systems. 2.0 has a new System and Health Dashboard for quick, comprehensive wellness checks of every device within the system and more effective troubleshooting.

PDKio features System and Health insights 2.0 Phased Rollout

The launch of 2.0 is a phased rollout, built to first be used on new systems. System migration from 1.0 to 2.0 is planned to be released soon, pending a successful initial release. As of right now, a new customer and hardware configuration are required to take advantage of the new 2.0 functionality.

How to Access the Beta Software

To access the beta version of 2.0, simply point your browser to Log in to your existing account, create a new customer, and start configuring to see all the new features available there. You can continue to use to connect to existing customers and service them with all the legacy functionality.

There is also an option to add a new customer as a Legacy 1.0 system on the Add Customer screen under the Advanced section. Legacy customers will get the functionality of 1.0, store all settings in the Cloud Node, and are limited to a single location. This option is available to maintain support for existing integrations, which may not support 2.0 at this time.

Getting the Mobile App

We encourage all integrators to install and test the beta ProdataKey apps. The beta apps are required to accept credentials issued from for 2.0 systems. The beta apps also include improvements all your existing customers will get, including Bluetooth enhancements, improved navigation, and stability fixes.

ProdataKey App

Beta access to the apps requires joining PDKs beta channel on the app stores. Follow these links to get instructions, and download the apps:

You can also use the Manage Tab to configure 2.0 systems by clicking on the Profile icon at the top right and switching between and

Billing for Beta Systems

To simplify things, PDK will delay all billing for new 2.0 systems created using until after the beta ends on the target date of January 22, 2024.

5 Free Doors

ProdataKey encourages you to recreate your demo system based on the new functionality offered by 2.0. Accessing the beta software is a great way to take advantage of the five free door hosting fees included with a demo system.

Reporting Issues or Bugs

To report issues you encounter with 2.0 or the updated mobile app, reach out to ProdataKey by

Email - send issues and screenshots to

Chat - interact via chat on

Phone - contact support at 801.317.8802, option 2


PDKio 2.0 Beta sheet


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