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Mobile First Approach
Redefining Access Control

Mobile First White Paper Cover VIEW

Mobile devices, rather than computers, now drive the majority of internet traffic. It’s no wonder that to be considered for most of today’s access control projects, a mobile option is the price of entry.

There are many advantages inherent in a mobile solution. The most obvious is convenience. We feel lost without our phones; we have them with us always. Therefore, using them for access control just makes sense. It gives us control from anywhere, anytime.

Mobile solutions also tend to be more user-friendly. UX designers put careful thought into how to best leverage the limited visual real-estate of the small screen, simplifying menus and making navigation options blatantly clear. Users expect a very short learning curve when encountering a mobile app, compared to the more complex ins and outs of traditional computer software. When it’s on a phone, we feel no hesitancy to “dive right in.”

In this white paper, you'll learn about

True Mobile First solutions deliver full control and functionality from within the mobile platform.

The benefits of using mobile credentials for access control.

How everyone (integrators, admins, employees, and tenants) benefit from full-featured mobile tools.

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