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Meet the Minds at PDK: a Closer Look at the Executive Team

PDK Meet our Executive Team

ProdataKey, a top provider of cloud-based access control hardware and software solutions, is led by a visionary group of executives. With these dedicated individuals backed by their talented teams, PDK has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the key members of ProdataKey’s leadership team and learn more about their roles in the company’s continued success.

Evan Tree

Evan Tree - CEO & President

Evan Tree, CEO and President of ProdataKey, is a seasoned industry professional and leader. With a strong commitment to innovation and a wealth of experience in the sector, Evan Tree has been instrumental in guiding the company’s growth and determining a dynamic direction for the company’s roadmap. Under Tree’s leadership, PDK has launched game-changing products, received numerous awards, and been among Utah’s fastest-growing companies for eight consecutive years.

Brian Cropper

Brian Cropper - Chief Financial Officer

As a skilled executive and team builder, Brian Cropper has been a valuable addition to the ProdataKey executive team. With a background in finance and extensive top-level management experience in corporate and operational roles, Cropper has played a key role in overseeing PDK’s financial decisions. His aptitude for strategic planning and comprehensive insight will prove to be critical for the company’s security and continued growth.

Evan Orme

Evan Orme - Chief Technology Officer

Evan Orme has been with ProdataKey for over four years and was recently promoted from VP of Engineering to Chief Technology Officer. Orme’s visionary leadership has driven the company’s reliable, user-friendly, and secure technological innovations. Evan Orme oversees the architecture for PDK’s hardware line, mobile application, and cloud infrastructure. Under his direction, ProdataKey’s products have been propelled to the forefront of the industry.

Dallan Labrum

Dallan Labrum - Executive VP of Sales

Dallan Labrum has over three years of experience at ProdataKey, starting as a Regional Sales Manager and quickly becoming the Director and then to the VP level. With a proven track record in sales and a deep understanding of the product, Labrum has played an instrumental role in expanding the company’s customer base and building robust and authentic partner relationships.

Above all, he leads with integrity, and his belief in PDK’s vision is evident in all he does.

“Having a partner’s fanatic mentality is key. It is one of the biggest ways that we differentiate ourselves from our competition. It is our pleasure to serve our partners, and that is how we work,”

Dallan Labrum

His dedication to exceptional service and value has and continues to drive PDK’s success and stellar reputation.

Brach Bengtzen

Brach Bengtzen - VP of Marketing

With a marketing and sales background, Brach Bengtzen has been with PDK for over six years and recently accepted the promotion from Director to Vice President of Marketing. His expansive industry knowledge and skillful eye for strategy development have been vital in raising PDK’s brand awareness.

He underscores constant learning in leadership.

“This industry is constantly changing and evolving. New technology is constantly being created, and movement is being made to utilize it to improve consumer livelihood. By staying up to date on the industry and business trends, we then need to be able to teach our teams and those around us.”

Brach Bengtzen

Bengtzen has been the driving force behind the company’s groundbreaking marketing approach, bringing to life the company’s core mission and exceptional products. The engaging content developed under his leadership has taken notice among industry professionals and led to ProdataKey’s strong market presence.

Brad Baldwin

Brad Baldwin - VP of Product

Brad Baldwin has been with ProdataKey since August of 2022 and leads the Product team, responsible for creating the company’s roadmap and future of access control. He emphasizes understanding the company’s customer base, anticipating their needs, and prioritizing the products for the market.

“It's important to enjoy our success but continue to be humble. Listening is a key ingredient to future success. We need to listen to our partners and understand new needs that we have not delivered on today. We need to listen to our employees and build a culture that will attract and keep the best talent.”

Brad Baldwin

His expertise in product development and user experience has contributed to the development of PDK’s innovative and customer-centric solutions. Baldwin’s commitment to delivering top-of-the-line products ensures that PDK’s offerings continue to meet the industry’s evolving needs.


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