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Pdk Featured Installation: non-profit school for underprivileged children

Pdk Featured Installation: Luxury Condo Sunny Isles, Florida


Comtex Technologies has been providing premier access control, camera system, telephone, audiovisual, and structured cabling solutions since 1987. Their quality of service earned them the 2018 Service Excellence Award from the city of Birmingham, AL. Comtex Technologies provides its award-winning level of service to over 3300 business clients stretching from the Florida panhandle to the Tennessee state line. This article focuses on a recent installation that demanded an easy-to-manage access control system for a non-profit Christian school for urban underprivileged children.

Why pdk was chosen

Comtex Technologies was approached by the school to upgrade and expand an existing access control system. The existing system featured an outdated platform that only secured four doorways over two buildings.

The school was looking to expand their system by connecting both buildings to a singular access control system which could be managed from any location.

That’s when Comtex Technologies suggested the mobile-driven, cloud-based access control system by prodatakey (pdk).

Pdk is managed from the intuitive app-driven software, This enabled the school to easily add/delete users, grant/revoke access permissions, lock/unlock doors, and more all from the simple mobile app. Originally, receptionists were only able to buzz guests in by pressing a physical button. The new system would allow the receptionist to unlock any door at any of their locations directly from the mobile app.

Pdk - stand alone system vs cloud

Pdk was also chosen because of its ability to integrate well with other third-party systems. To enhance the abilities of the new access system,

Comtex Technologies presented the installation of additional services such as phone, burglar alarm, and security camera systems.

The installation of these extra services would help the school experience a simplified security experience. Pdk features many options for integrations such as HR platforms, security panels, power consolidation, and video surveillance. With these integrations, a system administrator may use their access control system to manage multiple systems from a single interface.

About the installation

The installation required taking over four existing doors and expanding to a total of 22 doors of access control between the school's two buildings.

Due to the close proximity of the buildings and the openings, Comtex Technologies simplified the installation by utilized pdk’s integration with the Altronix Trove.

The Altronix Trove allows for consolidation of power and access control for up to 16 openings in one enclosure. All door hardware, including pdk’s ruggedized readers, were wired back to one central location for simple wire management.

Pdk - a simple plug and play installation

But that’s not the only third-party integration used to maximize the capabilities of the access control system. Comtex Technologies also integrated the school’s burglar alarm panel directly into the pdk access control system. Users not only are able to use their access credentials to gain entrance to the building but are also able to use their credentials to arm and disarm the building's security system.

What’s next

The school has loved the installation of prodatakey’s cloud-based access control system and is excited about future installments. The school is currently preparing to integrate the security camera system with the access control system.

Thanks to pdk’s integration with Digital-Watchdog’s video management system, users are able to experience door activity, video pop-up, event bookmarking, and even lock/unlock doors from one synchronized platform.
Pdk - elevator expansion


About prodatakey

ProdataKey (pdk) is a leading innovator of networked cloud-based access control products and services. The company’s pdk io cloud platform allows for complete system management and control through any web-connected device, anywhere, anytime. With thousands of systems managing tens of thousands of doors for a quickly expanding base of loyal customers throughout North America and beyond. Pdk delivers an unparalleled user experience as well as the highest levels of security, safety, and data privacy.

Pdk Featured Installation Cover


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