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Pdk Featured Installation: multi-tenant office building

Pdk Featured Installation: Luxury Condo Sunny Isles, Florida

About ACES

Advanced Commercial Electronic Systems (ACES) provides top tier access control, fire alarm, and intrusion systems in Salt Lake City, Utah, and its surrounding areas. ACES staff and technicians pride themselves in holding the highest industry certifications in their field, including NICET IV Fire and Life Safety as well as Master Licenses in multiple states. This article focuses on a recent access control installation which demanded an easy-to-install and managed access control system for a multi-tenant office building in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

Why pdk was chosen

The property manager approached ACES looking for an easy to use security solution that would provide simple-to-manage access control to the building. This specific installation would require access control to each suite, the stairwell entrances, in the elevator cars, and even the adjacent parking structure. To match the needs of this installation, ACES suggested a mobile-driven, cloud-based access control system by prodatakey (pdk).

Pdk is managed from the intuitive app-driven software, pdk io. The software enables building managers the ability to easily add/delete users, grant/revoke access permissions, lock/unlock doors, and more all from the simple mobile app. Initially, the building had considered using an access control platform made by the same company providing the intrusion panel. But after experiencing the intuitive software, the decision to go with pdk io was an easy one.

Another reason pdk was selected for access control is the variety of hardware available.

Pdk’s equipment and controllers are available in a variety of sorts and communication types. This allows ACES to easily incorporate access control for every tenant’s doorways, the stairwell entrances, elevator car and floor triggers, and the gates located in the parking facility.

Pdk even allows a third-party intrusion panel to be tied into their hardware. This allows any of the building managers or tenants to arm or disarm an alarm panel with the scan of their credentials, even though the building chose against the intrusion companies access platform.

About the installation

The installation required access control for thirteen openings, including stairwells and tenant suites. Due to the close proximity of these openings, ACES was able to home-run all door hardware back to a central location. Thanks to pdk’s eight door controller, all door hardware was able to be condensed into two 12x12 enclosures.

A few other unique points of the building required access control, mainly the elevator and parking garage. Access control was provided to the elevator to secure each floor throughout the building.

By installing a reader in the elevator car, ACES was able to connect each floor trigger to an eight-door controller. After some minor software programming, a user can scan their credential, and the elevator will only allow access to the floors for which they have permission.
Pdk - a simple plug and play installation
When securing the parking garage, ACES was able to run the gate hardware back to the same eight-door controllers, resulting in significant cost savings over standard door controllers.

What’s next

The building has loved the installation of prodatakey’s mobile-first access control system and is excited for future installments as their vacant suites continue to fill. In addition to an expanded system, the building managers plan to utilize the partitioning feature in pdk io.

Partitions are used to break down a more substantial system into smaller systems providing individual control for each suite in the building, meaning, when a partition manager logs into pdk io, they will only be able to control their own set of employees and doors.

Pdk - elevator expansion

About prodatakey

ProdataKey (pdk) is a leading innovator of networked cloud-based access control products and services. The company’s pdk io cloud platform allows for complete system management and control through any web-connected device, anywhere, anytime. With thousands of systems managing tens of thousands of doors for a quickly expanding base of loyal customers throughout North America and beyond. Pdk delivers an unparalleled user experience as well as the highest levels of security, safety, and data privacy.

Pdk Featured Installation Cover


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