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Pdk Featured Installation: Luxury Condominium in Sunny Isles, Florida

Pdk Featured Installation: Luxury Condo Sunny Isles, Florida

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NVE Technologies, Inc. has been providing premier access control, camera, security, and fire alarm solutions in Miami and its surrounding area for over 29 years. NVE Technologies, Inc. provides its top-level service to many forms of clients. Their quality of service and installations has awarded them “Top Provider in 2019” from Home Advisor. This article will focus on a recent installation which demanded a resilient access control system for a high-end condominium complex in Sunny Isles, Florida.

Why pdk was chosen

NVE Technologies, Inc. was approached by the high-end residential complex to assist with an existing, and non-functional, access control system. The existing system was a locally hosted system, which needed an onsite computer and server to run. After the head-end unit crashed and failed, the complex found that no system backup was in place. That’s when NVE Technologies suggested a cloud-based access control system by prodatakey (pdk).

Pdk automatically backups the data from the access control system every night. If a catastrophic event were to render the head-end unit useless, a technician can install a new head-end unit and allow pdk to upload the latest backup. After the backup has been uploaded, the system will operate as usual, as if nothing had happened.

Pdk - stand alone system vs cloud

Another benefit to the complex is the intuitive app-driven software Many of the condo’s in the complex are operated as vacation rentals. A common problem has been lost keycards, posing a security threat to the facility. This new solution means managers can access the software from any web-enabled device to quickly and immediately deny access if a key card is lost. It also allows managers to enroll new credentials to new tenants whenever and wherever. For those vacationers, managers can select a specified date range for the key cards to allow access.

About the installation

Installing the pdk hardware was a breeze. Due to the close proximity of the doors, NVE Technologies, Inc. cut hardware and labor costs by installing pdk’s ethernet eight door controllers. The eight door controllers also provided a simplified and user-friendly installation. After being installed at the door, pdk’s single gang prox readers and all electrified door hardware were pulled back to the nearest eight door controller.

Pdk - a simple plug and play installation

NVE Technologies, Inc. chose to have the door controllers communicate over an ethernet connection, providing a simple plug and play installation. By simply plugging the controller into a network switch, each controller was able to communicate back to the head-end unit over the existing IT infrastructure. Once fully installed, the installation provided a simplified access control solution to 40 openings spread throughout the two condominium towers and the parking garage.

What’s next

Since the installation of prodatakey’s cloud-based access control system, the condominium complex could not be happier. In fact, they are currently preparing to expand the system to provide controlled elevator access for tenants and guests of the complex. They love the simple software, the automatic backups, and the lack of service calls they have had to make. Simply put, “Life has been better since going on the cloud.”

Pdk - elevator expansion


About prodatakey

ProdataKey (pdk) is a leading innovator of networked cloud-based access control products and services. The company’s pdk io cloud platform allows for complete system management and control through any web-connected device, anywhere, anytime. With thousands of systems managing tens of thousands of doors for a quickly expanding base of loyal customers throughout North America and beyond. Pdk delivers an unparalleled user experience as well as the highest levels of security, safety, and data privacy.

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