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PDK + My Door View

accesscontrol + videointercom

ProdataKey and MyDoorView, a streaming video intercom platform, have joined forces, delivering an integrated, mobile-first video entry solution that revolutionizes access management, boosted security and added convenience, all under one roof for a seamless experience.

My Door View and ProdataKey Products


Designed with multi-family residences and properties in mind, MyDoorView cameras allow for simultaneous visual verification of access events, even when off-site.

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Add an unlimited amount of devices to a system. Get notified and gain access with mobile phones, PCs, or non-smart devices, ensuring that everybody stays connected.

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The MyDoorView app opens anytime a guest calls you from the intercom, allowing you to take your system and access control with you anywhere you go!

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access control and video intercom

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PDK and video intercom with MyDoorView

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